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Tony Northrup first Sony A9 Image Quality evaluation


We read alot about the new Sony A9 specs and fast operations. But this is the first time we have gotten some clue about the Image Quality. And there seems to be good news too because apparently the electronic shutter does not come at cost of decreased dynamic range. Tony Northrup is tweeting out some info about that:

  1. shutter & mechanical shutter on a9–DR, ISO 25,600 noise, rolling shutter. No e-shutter penalty except sync
  2. Sony a7R II vs a9 raw: a7R II is sharper, more dynamic range, lower noise at high ISO. Still want a9 bc it works better & IQ is still great!
  3. Checking results, Sony a9’s focusing equals 1DX, D5 & D500 (the best in the world) + higher framerate (10-20 FPS real world) + no blackout 👏
  4. Our #SonyA9 review will be up 4/27 @ 11am ET because embargo. #SonyAlpha

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