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Upgrading the server (you can support us). More rumors coming soon!


Dear readers!

First, let me thank you for all your help. You sent me a huge ammount of interesting news, rumors and links! Expect me to post a lot more rumors soon!
I will work 24 hours per day until the Sony announcement on August 24. Ok, let’s make 20 hours per day…. minus 3-4 hours sleep here and there :)
So keep following us…also this weekend!

There is also one more way to help me:
Because of the many visits on SonyAlphaRumors we are currently upgrading our bandwitch capacity and server database performance. It will help me to avoid slow loading pages and/or server crashes. It’s a major cost ($150-$200) for me so feel free to help me if you can and want!

There are mainly two ways to do that:
1) Use the shopping links on the top of the page (inside the camera database). If you want to buy a camera, lens, books or other stuff just start your shopping by clicking the shop name. Once you land on the relative product page you can buy whatever you want (even if it is not the product link you selected to enter the shop) and I will get a small commission from it (usually 1-4%). So if you buy a book with $10 value I will receive 0.4 cent.
2) You can also support my bandwitch costs making a donation. Just click on the button. Donation between $1-$5 are welcome. If you donate more I will pay you a beer when I meet you next time ;)

I hope we can have some exciting time together!
Many Thanks!


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