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It is very likely that the upcoming A7sIV and/or FX3II will record 4k240p


A reader just went me this interesting technical note:

If you check the latest Sony paper on XAVC codec released November 2023, they mention the bitrate of 4K 240fps, which so far no camera can do. This could be a hint about next a7s4/FX3II. It does 4K 240fps using XAVC HE codec (h265) at 480Mbps in 4:2:0 which could work with V90 SD cards and 4K 240fps at 800Mbps in 4:2:2 and that would require Cfexpress.
Check page 7 in this PDF, there you can find info for both 8K 120fps and 4K 240fps. So codec-wise sony is ready for those frame rates.

Yes, I do think 4k240p will be available coin future Sony cameras. My real question now is…will there be a A7sIV or will this series merge into the future Sony FX3II?

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