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Voigtländer 50mm F1.2 Nokton review by Marc Alhadeff: “it’s a special lens”


SonyAlphaBlog tested the new Voigtlander 50mm f/1.2 FE lens:

The Voigtländer 50mm F1.2 Nokton (1100 euros) is a special lens:  it offers a very nice rendering for portraits with good separation subject background when taken from 3-4 meters and nice glow for very close shots while keeping good contrast and enough sharpness (not like some F0.95 lenses that are completely lacking contrast and sharpness)

Closed down to F2 it becomes a classical 50mm for which you can find alternatives that are sharper , with AF

So this lens if really for people loving the rending at F1.2 and more focus on the atmosphere this lens can give than on pure sharpness numbers


  • Very good background blur 
  • Soft transitions
  • Glow effect at f1.2 if you like it
  • Good bokeh wide open
  • Very good sharpness in the centre as of F2.8
  • Very good flare resistance
  • Low CA
  • Low distorsion
  • Small and light
  • EXIF transmission
  • Build quality is top notch


  • Vignetting up to F4
  • Sharpness at F1.2 with glow (dreamy atmosphere)
  • Bokeh in polygons when closed down to F2 and beyond


  • Price

Voigtlander 50mm f/1.2 FE at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.

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