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This week SAR readers photos selection


Pierluigi De Rubertis with Chiara Melì.
Melì & Pier con Nevena Gicevic @ WAVE Managementt
Shot on A7RII with Sony-Zeiss lens

1) Submit your picture with a message and picture here: or on the SonyAlphaForum image section.
2) Like and comment the pictures from other readers here: and on SonyAlphaForum.
3) A selection of most liked pictures by the community and by me SAR admin will be posted weekly on SAR.

Note: When sending a pic feel free to also add a link to your site to promote yourself!


‎Andreas-Joachim Lins‎
Sony A7rII // Zeiss Batis 85mm @F1.8 // 1/1600s // ISO 100

‎Sergei Gavrilov‎
Sony A7R2

A700 on SonyAlphaForum
Morning jogger

AnthonyD42 on SonyAlphaForum
Natasha Single Light
At a Samy’s Camera one light workshop where we shot Natasha with an Octobox with LED lights and a few outdoor shots.


Billchenphoto on SonyAlphaForum
City night light test shoot with Emily

Calle Sigrell
Sony a7II + Zeiss Batis 85/ f1.8
1/200s f5.0 ISO 50 + Studio light Elinchrom
Model: Bongelin M
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

‎Quinten Brems‎
My first try at macro photography, plume from dove, using mitakon 20mm x4.5 with 4cm tubes, shot with Sony A7RII.

Uldis Plinte‎
bokeh Riga
A7 II + Helios 77m-4 @ 1.8 + Tilt M42–Sony E adapter

Welcome Spring :)
Sony a7II, Canon 135mm f2L
More at: Steevy

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