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What we can “hope” to get on April 23 (RX1-X and RX100m4?)



Sony has a scheduled press briefing on Thursday April 23. And Wikileaks hinted that new RX and A7 and A6xxx cameras would be announced within April and June. So far this is what we can hope to get soon:

To be announced on April 23?
– RX1-X camera (specs unclear but likely a FF camera with 35mm f/1.8 Zeiss lens).
– RX100m4 (20MP Four Thirds sensor camera with 4K recording)

To be announced in May?
– A7rII (36Mp, 5 axis and same A7II body improvements)
– A6xxx (24MP APS-C sensor and 3 or 5 axis stabilization).

P.S.: A-mount news (camera and lenses) will follow in August/September?

By the way. Also the Sony Canada marketing roadmap seems to confirm there will be new cameras. Their RX (late April) and Alpha (mid May) campaign would match those announcements.


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