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So what’s next from Sony? 135mm FE, 400mm FE, RX camera….


Before to move on to the next bunch of Sony rumors let’s recap what we have posted so far:


  1. RX camera
    Back in March we reported about two cameras registered by Sony. One with the code “WW361847” (which turned out to be the A9) and one with the code “WW620081”. Sony usually defines FF E-mount cameras with the WW3 code series while the WW6 code series has been used so far for the RX100V only.
    Sony hasn’t been 100% reliable on that code structure but we can safely guess that Sony plans to introduce a new RX camera soon (probably in June).
  2.  New E-mount cameras
    No new E-mount camera will be launched within the next 1-2 months. But I will have more info to share about this soon…


  1. 135mm FE
    Sony is definitely developing a new 135mm (probably f/1.8) FE lens. Should be announced within the next 3-6 months
  2. 400mm FE
    Also coming within the next 3-6 months is a fast 400mm FE lens for sports photographers
  3. I also got some “hints” that there will be more Sony FE lenses during the second half of 2017
  4. Sigma, Tokina and Zeiss will announce new FE lenses too (within 2017)


  1. I got some early “whisper” about something “different”. It doesn’t sound like this is going to be announced soon (maybe in 2018). But I am working to have more solid info on this before to share anything on SAR

No info yet on new A-mount stuff :(

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