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What’s on the roadmap for 2021: New Sony A9x camera, new RX, new A7IV, 35mm f/1.4 GM and 16mm f/1.8 GM


Here is a recap of the first rumors for the 2021 year:

Rumored Sony A9III (tentative name) specs:

  • Sony will launch a new High End camera in Q1 2021. Maybe at the January 11 CES show (which is all virtual this year).
  • It will be named as an A9x series camera and not A7x (not sure if it’s “A9s” or “A9III”)
  • It will have a new ~50 megapixel sensor
  • 8k30p video confirmed with no overheating. It’s still an “infant” 8k mode…meaning it’s not 8k60 which would be crazy and there will be limitations in the quality you can record internally.
  • Other specs similar to A7sIII (EVF, autofocus, and so forth)
  • At least $1,500 more expensive than the EOS-R5 (but price hasn’t be finalized yet) Expect something like $4,999.
  • Probablt has the code “WW728473” registered in Asia (article here).

Rumored Sony A7IV specs:

  • In Q2 at earliest (Q3 more likely) we will also get the new A7IV.
  • A74 will have a new sensor with faster readout and will not recycle the 24 MP one. My source told me it will be in the 30-32 MP region
  • The EVF will have 3,69 Mdots and not 5,76 Mdots
  • Most probably the LCD will also be on the cheap side but the image quality and AF will be top notch
  • The video will certainly be 4K 60p and will feature the new menus.
  • The price will be in the 2499$ region

Rumored entry level camera (RX?):

  • Sony registered this new camera in Asia. It uses the code “WW186333“.
  • It looks like this is a new entry level camera as it doesn’t use the 5Ghz Wifi range used by current A7-A9 models. This means it is likely a new RX model.

Sony 35mm f/1.4 GM:

  • This is the first lens Sony will announce in 2021.

Sony 16mm f/1.8 GM:

  • Was scheduled to be announced in late 2020 but productions issues moved the lens launch to very early 2021
  • I have been told it has about the same size and build quality of the 24mm f/1.4 GM.

Sony A7sIII firmware:

  • A7SIII will get a V2.0+ Firmware update to support QFHD/120p 12Bit RAW Output via HDMI before IBC2021.

Sigma FE lenses:

  • Due the autofocus bugs 70-200mm f/2.8 FE lens launch still delayed
  • More fast FE primes coming in 2021
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