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WILD RUMOR: Reports from Thailand say the A7IV will have a fully articulating LCD screen?


poorly photoshopped (LOL) A7III body with fully articulating screen

A person who claims “to be close” to the Sony factory in Thailand reports that the A7IV will have a fully articulating LCD screen:

“Sony a7IV has full articulate screen, spec same as III no improvement, more like basic model for vloggers.”

This is the first time I heard about this so it might be complete BS. But this is the kind of wild rumor I hope it will become true. It’s something like seven years now the Sony community is asking for this to happen!!!

More reliable rumor talk:
Just last week I posted the rumor from a source who told me Sony will launch a new camera and new handle soon. Well yesterday Sony announced the GP-VPT2BT handle so this gives us a fair chance that indeed Sony will have a new camera on market by March. The A7III has been announced two years ago at the Cp+ show. So this would fit the timeline. But this is only a guess for now and I got no evidence or reliable rumor confirming this now.

Let’s guess the possible A7IV specs:
I presume Sony will take a very conservative approach. Which means: Expect the A7rIV body and features with an “Upgraded” 24MP sensor. Well, adding a fully articulating screen would be at least one positive surprise…

Rumor ranking explained:
I now post only  two kind of rumors:

RUMOR: Marks rumors that  are somehow more solid and likely to be true
WILD RUMOR: Marks rumor that are from anonymous and first time sources. We post them just for the sake of fun and clickbait of course  :)

Note: Please hold me accountable for the “RUMOR” and not for “WILD RUMOR”  :)

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