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WILD RUMOR: RX10V to be released in late 2022?


I got the following rumor from a new source. I really don’t know if 1) this is a correct info and 2) if it actually makes sense for Sony to launch a new superzoom fixed lens camera…is there really a market for this?

Anyway, this is the info I got:

I have it on good authority that Sony is planning for an RX10 V to be released in late 2022 OR EARLIER depending on supply chain constraints.

The major differentiator will be the first time AI / computational technology will make it into a Sony camera.  There are also design and ergonomic improvements, removal of the flash, and the incorporation of the a6600 battery.  The lens will be the same as it’s predecessor.   This camera will feature blackout free EVF bursts up to 24FPS.

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