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Wild rumor: Sony A7sIV has no 8k, but first Alpha camera with new 2-layer sensor?


We know for a fact that Sony registered two new High End cameras in China: One is 100% sure to be the A9III ( announcement on November 8th or January at max). But it’s totally unclear yet what the second camera is. An obvious guess would be the this is the A7sIV as it’s the current A7sIII is the oldest Full Frame camera after the A9II. And therefore expected to get a successor sometimes in 2024.

There are some early wild rumors I am receiving about this new A7sIV. Nothing from trusted sources…and therefore highly unreliable. Some of those rumors say the A7sIV would be the first Alpha camera with the new 2-layer sensor from Sony. Check out the video to hear out the specs!

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