Working on camera rumors (RX, A99II, Cine PRO camera, E-mount). Need your help sources :)


Short message for sources and readers. I am working on the rumors about the next new Sony cameras. I am trying to triple check all rumors I got in these days and weeks and ask you all to be patient (new rumor sources included). I am trying to avoid to post hoax rumors :)
Sources can send me the info anonymously by using the contact form here which doesn’t store any data at all. Thanks!

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Note: If you plan to send more rumors use a Pseudonym to be recognizeable.
And if you like you can also contact me directly via email at Thanks!

For readers….I am working on those rumors:
RX1s: Curved Full Frame sensor with 35mm f/1.8 Zeiss
A99II: Evolution of the current A99 (trimmed on speed just like the A77II)
Cinema PRO camera: Just got this…don’t know what it is yet :)
FF E-mount cameras: Got some weird rumor I have to check :)

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Stay tuned!