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Zeiss Touit gets ripped (last day of 4% reward)


Image courtesy: Lensrentals

Before to talk about the Toui (what a name) let’s not forget that today is the last day you can grab the 4% reward on Cameras and Lenses at Amazon US (Click here) and at BHphoto (Click here). And don’t waste time…preorder the amazing Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 A-mount lens BHphoto (Click here to see price and specs)-

And now the Touit: Robert Cicala (Click here) ripped the Zeiss Touit lenses to see what’s inside. He writes:

“This thing is built well. Those of you who have misgivings about polymer (rather than metal) construction in a lens of this size, put those to rest. It’s built like a Zeiss; I expected no less. I was a bit skeptical about the choice of a DC motor to provide more power, but I have to say, they definitely chose a large, powerful motor, so that was probably just me being cynical. The overall construction and design were very solid, reminding me of a Zeiss or Leica rangefinder lens; much higher construction quality than many of the E mount lenses I’ve opened up.”

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