OVF nostalgy: First part of the A850 review at Photographic Central.


Sometimes they do come back…and than we realize that we actually missed them a lot! Carl Garrard posted the first part of the Sony A850 review at Photographic Central (Click here). This was the last Sony FF with Optical Viewfinder…and guys what a superb viewfinder it had. Carl writes: “Cameras like the A850 that give the user choice and excellent logical design allow for long term gratification– a term our society should embrace much more often than it does now. But I digress, happily.” Sadly you can’t find that camera in new condition anymore. If you want it that as usual check the used A850 acutions (Click here).

One more thing: you will hate me for this I know but there is a rumor I am working now. Until a week ago I was 99% sure OVF would never come back at Sony. Now I am receiving some “signs” and I am no more that sure…Stay tuned on SAR. I really hope I can post a reliable info about that soon!

UPDTE: I am not saying classic DSLR will come back. Sony seems to work on some kind of new OVF technique.


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