December 15, 2013
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Zeiss 35mm FE review by TPB: “Glorious Bokeh”. And an “unusual” Bikini test :)


Image courtesy: ThePhoBlographer

Chris Gampat from ThePhoBlographer (Click here) tested the Zeiss 35mm FE lens and writes:

This lens is sharp, not too contrasty, has magnificent bokeh, and is very devoid of any flaws. In fact, it’s tough to find any 35mm mirrorless lens on the market that can beat this lens right now.

And the most unusual test with the Zeiss 35mm FE has been posted on Flickr (Click here). It’s a “Bikini” test:

New Sony A7R Test Photos of Bikini Swimsuit Model Goddess! Carl Zeiss Sony Sonnar T* FE 35mm f/2.8 ZA Lens finished in Lightroom 5.3 ! Was using the B+W 49mm Kaesemann Circular Polarizer MRC Filter on bright, sunny day. Check out the low glare off the rocks and water and the bright blue sky! Super sharp images and crystal-clear pictures!

I hope for our women followers that someone will do the sampe test with sexy firemans :)

UPDATE: Handheld lowlight testing I did last night with the Sony A7r with 35 Zeiss FE lens at Eruditephotography

I (Andrea) own this lens since two weeks and now I found the time to start testing it. From the first samples I shot I can easily say I am very happy with the image quality in all his aspects. But for my kind of shooting (low light and interior) I really would love to have at leats 1 stop more (f/2.0 or even f/1.8). Hope Sony will do a faster (althaugh bigger) 35mm lens. Oh, yes, it’s a bit too expensive lens too.


Specs and Preorders in US and Canada:
Dedicated Sony announcement page at Amazon US (Click here).
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A7r at Digitalrev.
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A7 with 28-70mm lens at Digitalrev.


December 14, 2013
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Sony TidBits…


The new HXR-NX3 camcorder

RX10 review at German Slashcam.
Sony A3000 gallery photos posted: Can this low-cost champ deliver high-end DSLR results? (Imaging Resource).
Sony A3000 review: Entry-level body, high-performance sensor (DxOmark).
Let me tell you about my dream camera (itsnotthecamera)
2013 With the Sony RX1…by John Vink.
Sony Reportedly in Talks to Buy Renesas Fab to Expand Image Sensor Production Capacity (ImageSensorWorlds).
falken shoots with a850 and and Zeiss 24-70 f/2.8 (Fstoppers).
Polish Sony Action Cam 3 review at

Aloha:I created a Sony ALPHA – TALK group: Which I hope eventually will be a FB place ALPHA shooters can share there Sony Alpha TIPS and TRICKS. and photos.

December 14, 2013
Posted in rumors

Sony working on a rotating semitransparent mirror (for SLT).


The Sony patent (google translated)

Egami (google translation here) found a new Sony patent describing a rotating semi transparent mirror tech. The reason why the mirror should rotate is because by changing the angle you will also change the kind of light that will hit the sensor. For example you can opt to transmit or not to transmit infrared light. Not only that it seems also capable to influence the RGB color separation. Really don’t know if this will ever make it into a real production camera or just lay on the desk of the Sony engineers for the years to come…

That said, what do you think of the patent?

December 13, 2013
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Need for speed for the A7-A7r: The radioactive(!) Canon FD 55mm f/1.2 aspherical.


The three FD 55mm versions. Image source: The asperical and latest FD 55mm1.2 lens is on the left.

Sony stated many times that they will not go after crazy speed on FE lenses. What matters is having top quality in a “not to big” sized lens. That’s ok for me, but what if some A7-A7r owners absolutely needs the extra speed? There are plenty of options out. Today I am going to tell you a bit about one of the lenses I just purchased to make it work on my A7r. It’s the Canon FD 55mm f/1.2 Asperical lens (to find here on eBay only). I will receive the lens soon. Meantime here is a bit of history:

The lens has been announced in 1971 and was Canon’s answer to the Leica Noctilux. There are three versions of it. The first two non-aspherical (and very cheap on eBay) and the last aspherical version. That one is the lens I am interested in:

Erwin Puts writes about the aspherical FD 55mm 1.2 lens:

“Some commentators called the Canon FD 1.2 aspherical the best standard lens in the world. It is hard to disagree.”
“In 1971, when the Noctilux was still being produced and sold, Canon introduces their own version of an 1.2 design with aspherics. Presumably they could not stand the humiliation of being defeated by the Leitz construction, at least wide open.
With this lens Canon pulled all stops. See my report on the Canon design here. The Canon aspherical is wide open clearly better than the Noct 1.2. Especially in the outer zones the Canon is much improved and in the center of the image the Canon has an impressive performance, that surpasses the one you get from the Noct. Stopped down the Canon wins easily. Wide open at 1.2 you will note a difference in approach of correcting aberrations. The Canon has a very good image quality ove the whole picture frame, where the Noct concentrates on the center part of the image. Whatever the approach, the Canon design gives the better imagery, aperture for aperture.”

Mir writes:

Despite its large aperture, it is highly reputed for its high contrast and stabilized image definition at full aperture opening. Because of its fast f/1.2 speed, it provides high image quality in low light level photography.
Additionally, this lens incorporates the Floating System which enables aberration-free shooting at close subject distance. Thus, a sharp image is obtained through the entire focusing range. Therefore, the focused image through the viewfinder can be reproduced just as it is.

The crazy news on that lens is that the lens is actually lightly…ehmmm….radioactive! But there is nothing to worry about: Olypedia writes:

“If this lens worries you, DO NOT EXPOSE YOURSELF TO THE SUN! It’s much more dangerous to you and your film…”

Few more images and test can be read here: Comparison with other f/1.2 lenses at Presentation page at Image samples on Flickr.

After reading all these articles and watching many image samples I got mine Canon FD 55mm f/1.2 Asperical lens on eBay (all cutions are here). I can’t wait to test it on the A7r and compare the results with the Zeiss FE 5mm f/1.8 lens which I will get within the next days (yes Sony Europe is shipping mine!). Get yours here at Sony DE, UK, FR, IT, ES, NL, BE, CH, AT, SE, FI, NO, PT.

P.S.: Feel free to contact me at if you have tests to share (or if you want to write a full article).

December 13, 2013
Posted in deals

US deals: Amazon SD Gold Box, $200 cashback at SonyStore. A7r in Stock at BHphoto.


A SAR reader made me notice that if you buy Sony cameras you can get this $200 cash back by using the Sony Card (more details here).

And today you can grab one of the six SD cards via Amazon’s Golg Box Deal action (Click here).

As reported before a limited Stock at BHphoto (Click here). And it is also in Stock at Samys (Click here), Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Adorama eBay (Click here) and Bestbuy eBay (Click here).


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