August 15, 2012
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(SR5) NEX-5R sensor has phase detection pixels on sensor!!!


Trusted sources told us that the NEX-5R has a new 16 Megapixel sensor with phase detection AF pixels on sensor! This is pretty much the same technology used by the new Canon EOS-M mirrorless camera (click here to see that cam) that also uses those kind of pixels. It allows a super fast autofocusing and more reliable tracking of moving objects while the contrast autofocus is more accurate. Combine that and you have an almost perfect autofocus!

It’s not confirmed yet but the NEX-6 could use exactly the same sensor!

P.S.: Last year we spotted a Sony patent describing that technology (Click here to read it).

August 15, 2012
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(SR2) First possible A99 video specs (Amazing if true!).

The Chinese website Xjrumo (Translation here) posted some super interesting rumor. Our Chinese reader Leafye translated the text for us (Thanks). But before to read keep in mind that this rumor has yet to be confirmed (or denied) by trusted sources. I post this here in the hope they will react soon and send me some info.

These are the first complete A99 video specs. It almost sounds too good to be true:

1) AVCHD2.0 format ,below 1080p it have the Bit rate of 50Mpbs,4:2:2Sampling (other model coming next year has 4:2:0)
2) 1080P with the highest 120fps,at 720P, the highest is 240FPS
3) MP4 format still 35Mbps
4) center focus all the lens can use the biggest Aperture. others still F3.5
5) except P model, A,S model can also auto-focus but M model still MF
6) 4 times zoom in during 1080P can be captured
7) multi-recording can take a 2.4Megapixels during recording
8.) HDMI can be Non-destructive Output new shoe can fit the wireless(bluetooth) mic
9) except the high speed model,other model Maximum recording time is 29min 59s
10) Time code support


What do you think of it? HDMI non destructive output….50MPs bitrate, 4:2:2 Sampling….Crossing my finger this is real!!!!

August 14, 2012
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While waiting for the new NEX: $50 discount on NEX+lens bundle.

On August 28th we will very likely see the two new NEX cameras and three new NEX lenses. In the meantime Amazon is offering a $50 discount on the current NEX when purchased along a NEX lens (Click here to watch the full offer). And if you think you know which NEX products sells best check out the mirrorless ranking at Amazon (here). I wouldn’t have expected to see the Sony E 55-210mm on top!


August 14, 2012
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Sony NEX and Alpha Hack Project officially started! Add your wishlist!

More Good news guys!

The NEX and SLT hacking project is getting serious! It has his own forum at and is supported by the well known Panasonic hacker Vitaly Kiselev. He is well known for the “famous” GH2 hacking that made that camera pretty popular under filmmakers. Let’s hope this is a good “Omen” for our SLT and NEX hacks :)

The hacker group around the main leader “Someone 1.00” is now asking you guys for the firmware wish list for SLT cameras (Here is the link) and NEX cameras (Here is the link). Please be precise and concise.

I think we are on the edge of a new incredibly exciting time for SLT and NEX owners. That’s why I ask all Sony forum and blog admins to link to the project! We have to push it! :)


August 13, 2012
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Sony A55 get’s hacked!

The Hacker “someone” released the first Sony A55 hack! More info at EosHD forum: “The patcher app is able to overcome the A55 firmware encryption and is the basis for adding bitrate patches and new menu options later on. The NEX 5 patcher I also believe is coming later.

If the hacker managed to hack the A55 than I am sure he will soon do it with the A65 and A77 too. And maybe also with the future A99!

UPDATE: EosHD is collecting the donations for the hacker at

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