January 10, 2013
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(SR2) All three new Zeiss lenses cover FF?


I got a rumor form a new source that might be interesting to discuss. But please keep in mind that this rumor hasn’t been confirmed yet by any trusted sources so keep your feet on ground. As you know Zeiss will launch three new E-mount AF lenses this year. The 12mm f/2.8, 32mm f/1.8 and 50mm f/1.8 lens. The one new source told me that these lenses will cover the full Full Frame area in preparation of the launch of the new FF NEX by end of this year or early 2014. And the source also told me the main issue for Zeiss is to remove the heavy vignetting on the 12mm wide angle lens.

UPDATE: Back at Photokina Zeiss said these lenses were designed for APS-C. What the source says is that the lenses will be redesigned to cover FF.

Again, this is no SR4 SR5 rated rumors. But if true…this is deifnitely a good news!

Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unknown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!

January 9, 2013
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The dream corner: Would you buy a NEX with B&W sensor?



Leica is having a lot of success and probably earning a lot of money on their exclusive and expensive Leica Monochrome. So le’ts think (or dream) a bit out of the box. Imagine Sony doing a NEX camera with a Black and White sensor. A sensor that allows you the maximum possible per pixel sharpness, no AA filter, bigger pixels for greater dynamic range. And that NEX would cost around 30-50% more than current NEX camera prices.

Would you consider to buy a Monochrome NEX camera?

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Price and specs of the Leica Monochrome at Amazon and Bhphoto.

January 9, 2013
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Surprise: Nikon D5200 doens’t use Sony 24MP sensor. It’s a Toshiba!

Image courtesy: Chipworks.

That’s an interesting news! The Nikon D5200 doesn’t actually use the same Sony 24MPX sensor but as discovered by Chipworks it has a new Toshiba sensor! This may be one more sign how Nikon wants to move away from a complete Sony supply dependency. That’s just my pure speculation but this may be an indirect good news for us Sony users too. We may don’t see Sony sensors being exclusively sold to Nikon while Sony itself will have to wait 6 or 12 months before using it on their own cameras.


January 8, 2013
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Sony RX1 gets DxOmarked. it’s better than the A99!

DxOmark (Click here) just published the full Sony RX1 test! And with no suprrise (at leats for me) the RX1 has a slightly better score thna the Sony A99! And it basically matches the Nikon D600 results (here is the comparison).

Sony RX1 price check: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay.

Sony RX1 Gariz case on eBay (via Slidoo).

January 8, 2013
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The Sony NEX (5N and 3) In Use With Two Minolta Legacy Lenses

Just a quick post with two videos showing what you can do when using old school Minolta Lenses with a Sony NEX. The video above features a Sony NEX-5N (price & specs)with a Minolta 135mm f2.8 Rokkor-PF lens. The video below a Minolta 50mm Rokkor-x f/1.7 lens with a Sony NEX-3. Both by YouTube user Beau Reyes.

Use slidoo.com to comfortably find this lenses on eBay.

Sony NEX-5N price check: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay
Sony NEX-3 price check: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay


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