November 7, 2010
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Thom Hogan thoughts and 2011 predictions about Sony

Thom Hogan posted his 2011 camera and lens prediction. First he analyzed the current year for Sony: “2010 was the year Sony took off on a tangent. NEX and Pellicle mirror cameras are definitely both a bit on the side of non-traditional DSLR plays. The inexpensive full frame thing failed, as did the dozens of low-end traditional-DSLRs-with-minor-differences thing. Somewhere in the organization Sony execs sent and responded to a different memo than the one Canon didn’t see. Sony’s is a high risk, high reward (or big failure) strategy. Ironically, the best NEX camera is the video model, the NEX-VG10. But Sony has a lot to work on still for stills, even if they get the A700 replacement out and maybe a new full frame sensor flagship: lenses. They need more lenses (NEX, APS, full frame, you name it). Without those lenses, the rest of the strategy will almost certainly fail to bring Sony up to the Nikon/Canon level. The NEX was a good idea, but we’re stuck at three lenses, two of them way too big for the camera (compare a Samsung NX100 kit with the NEX5 kit).”

And those are Thom’s prediction for 2011: “Not too difficult to predict that the A700 replacement appears, though I think there are some surprises to those that haven’t been paying attention: pelliclemegapixels, GPS inside option, etc. Looking at the feature list on paper the camera looks like a Canon and Nikon killer. But it isn’t, it’s just another Sony (oh, I know I’m going to get beat up over that line). Competent, but a little unfocused in target user (and interface), and not quite at the same pixel peeping level as its competitors. Hey, what about the rumored 24mp APS sensor? Answer: how many lenses does Sony have that could resolve well on that? Four? Five? So putting a camera out with what is essentially the maximum for useful APS pixel count doesn’t seem like it would be a big winner given the other constraints (e.g. lenses). (One source does tell me that Sony has 4-5 Zeiss lenses planned for 2011 launch, including a 200mm f/2, so perhaps these will fill that void and give the 24mp users something to shoot with.) You don’t really want to put out a camera that might cause a majority of its users to start posting “it wasn’t worth it” messages all over the net. Still, the multiple “economy full frame” excursion that Sony went on seems to imply that they’ll throw just about anything at the wall to see if it sticks, so we probably will see a 24mp crop sensor camera from them, and it may be the A700 replacement. I’ll just go on record as saying that would be foolish. I don’t think it’s difficult to predict that Sony have at least two more NEX models by the end of the year and at least three more NEX lenses. What’s tougher to predict is what happens with full frame. I think we’ll see one more stab by Sony there, mainly because it was already in development before the upper management started questioning the large sensor payback. So which is it: full frame with video, or full frame with a pellicle mirror, or both? Given what I know about the sensor development, the video is a given. So my guess would be both. Meanwhile Sony, like Panasonic, will join the compact-camera-with-built-in-cellphone game (call it the Sony Erickson Cellular Alpha, or SECA for short). mirror, more ”

You can’t comment Thom Hogans thought on his website (he doesn’t have any comment system). I told Thom that he can visit our website to read youre comments about his predictions! Let Thom know what you think!

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November 6, 2010
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The need for speed: Kowa 55mm f/1.0 on the Sony NEX

We are all waiting for Sony to release some new fast primes for our NEX camera. Meanwhile we have to look for third party lenses that can satisfy our need for speed. I found that lens on eBay: Kowa 55mm f/1.0 (Click here to see the Kowa eBay auctions). That lens has been modified to fit on your NEX camera without any adapter! Of course it’s manual focus only. It’s soft wide open but might you like that creamy effect.

To see some image samples visit the eBay dealers product page. They have some images to show. If you tested that lens on your NEX let us see some of your images!


November 5, 2010
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Price drop: Sony Alpha NEX3 +16mm lens

We just noticed a welcome $50 price drop on the NEX3+16mm lens kit at Amazon (Click here). Reminder: There is a $90 price drop on the Sony NEX-VG10 camcorder.

November 5, 2010
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DxOmark weird results. Pentax K-5 beats the Sony A55 (and the Canon 5DmarkII)

So now I am really to start to be worried about their DxOmark results. They just published the Pentax K-5 sensor test and the K-5 easily beats the Sony A55. What’s so crazy about that? The K-5 and the A55 do feature the same Sony 16 megapixel sensor! How the hell did they manage it to have a 1,6 stop advantage over the A55? And is it possible that a full-frame camera like the Canon EOS 5D Mark II isn’t better than the K-5?

I understand that the imaging processor are different but I don’t know if that alone can explain the huge gap!

Via DxOmark

November 5, 2010
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Sony TidBits (new Sony A55 review at Dcresource)

Superdrift Challenge 2010 Final Show (shot with the Sony NEX-VG10)

Dcresource tested the new Sony Alpha SLT-A55: “Despite a few annoyances (which every camera will have, in one form or another), it’s hard not to like the Sony Alpha SLT-A55. It’s a great choice for those who want to capture fast action, instantly create panoramas, or just take great pictures without having to take a class first. Whether you’re thinking of buying your first D-SLR, or already have a collection of A-mount lenses, the SLT-A55 is definitely worth your consideration.

American Peyote posted a new Sony NEX-VG10 User Review. What is really amazing are their Studio Portrait pictures made with the camcorder! Check out their Flickr page. They say that it: “Works much better than the NEX5 would (which has no hotshoe to trigger the stobes)

Sony Alpha A580 at photocomment.

Blake Lively and her Sony NEX-5 (SonyAlphaNex)

Sony NEX VCLECF1 Fisheye Conversion and Italy (SonyAlphaNex)

Full Sony A33 review at Imaging Resource.

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