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April 19, 2011
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Editors note: It’s alergy time. Will be back tomorrow!

Dear readers.

Sorry if I didn’t manage to post any new rumor or news today. I am a sick because of allergy. My head is literally exploding and I need to rest a bit. Will be back tomorrow with new rumors and news!

P.S.: I still didn’t hear of any A77 and NEX-7 announcement delay. So let’s hope they will definitely be announced in July! (P.S.: both do feature the same 24 Megapixel sensor).

April 18, 2011
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Market share 2010 now public: Sony very close to Canon!

The gap in the DSLR market between Canon and Sony is still big but if you take into account all sold cameras in the year 2010 (DSLR+Mirrorless+compact cameras) the gap is only 1.1%!
According to Bloomberg worldwide camera sales jumped 10 percent to 141 million units last year, helped by the introduction of new models and economic growth in markets such as China. To win new customers, Sony and Samsung Electronics Co. are among companies unveiling devices that eliminated the need for a mirror in professional- grade cameras, where Canon has the lead.
Sony’s and Samsung’s launching new mirror-less digital cameras helped them obtain more market share,” said Masahiko Ishino, an analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co.
Most of the sold digital cameras are the small compacts. But you have higher profit margins on system cameras (That’s why Canon and Nikon are making more money than Sony). You can see on Amazon that most cameras in the TOP 20 are compacts:
Amazon US rankings (Click here)
Amazon DE rankings (Click here)
Amazon UK rankings (Click here)
Amazon FR rankings (Click here)
Amazon IT rankings (Click here)

My two cent on that: My crystal ball tells me that Sony will have the chance to surpass Canon if they manage to gain back some trust in the pro business with the A77 and the future full frame translucent cameras. Not to talk if they will manage to release a fullframe NEX. That would make one of my dreams become true! One more thing: I hope all that will happen before the end of the world in December 2012 -> according to the Maya calendar ;)


April 17, 2011
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Thom Hogan talks about the worldwide supply problems (and Sony mulls two-week summer break to save energy)

As you know Sony had to delay the recent NEX and SLT camera announcements. Some of my sources already saw the cameras and they still don’t know when Sony will release them (a possible date is May 26th). The reasons for the delay are well known. In his latest post Thom Hogan made a brief desription about what’s going on with the digital camera production problems in Japan. It perfectly fits with the info I received from my sources: “I see several different estimates from various sources within Japan, but in no case does the Northern Japan power grid (which includes Tokyo itself) look like it will be anywhere near handling the demand this summer. There could be 50% shortfalls some days, and the average shortfall in July and August could reach 30%. That means frequent and long power blackouts, which is bad news for the camera industry. Sensor fabs, for instance, of which several are in the area, need continuous power (on top of the temperature issues in many critical processes, you’ve got to maintain continuous air filtration to avoid contamination). High quality glass factories can’t be turned on and off easily with rolling blackouts. It appears that the deeper into the supply chain you go (e.g., back to chemicals and raw materials), the worse the problem gets: those plants can’t be toggled on and off at whim. Many need long warm-up periods or continuous power to operate.
Between the March quake and early winter when things even up a bit in the power realm, I’m guessing that the output of the plants in the affected area could be less than 50% of normal. That could mean nearly nine months of significantly reduced production of everything from Nikon FX bodies, to Nikon/Canon/Panasonic lenses, to Sony CMOS sensors, to all those proprietary lithium batteries, and more.

Sony is also  considering having all its employees in Japan take two-week summer vacations to save energy (Source: Breitbart)

I guess the Tsunami-Fukushima disaster will affect the digital camera industry for the whole year and maybe more. Le’s hope Japanese engineers can fix the Fukushima plant as soon as possible…

April 15, 2011
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Sony TidBits (NEX-FS100 presentation video)

Video on top: Juan Martinez (Sony Product Manager) shows the new Sony NEX-FS100 camera. He also talks a bit about the upcoming E-mount lenses.

According to Macworld the Sony A55 is the best DSLR in the sub $1,000 category.
Chipworks: Sony Switches to Bulk BSI in 1.1um Pixel (Image Sensor World).
iSuppli on Japan Image Sensor Industry Hit by Disaster (Image Sensor World)
Sony mulls two-week summer break to save energy (
Sony NEX Viewfinder with Magnifier (SonyAlphaNex)

April 12, 2011
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Sony announces the HVL-F43AM Flash and accessories for Alpha cameras.

Sony just announced new Sony Alpha Camera Accessories:
HVL-F43AM external flash with GN43, Quick Shift Bounce adjustment, wireless ratio control and dust/moisture resistant design. Price $350.
VCT-55LH bracket is versatile mounting bracket that offers space for mounting additional ISO cold shoe accessories. Price $50.
LCS-AMB soft carrying case protects A-mount camera and attached standard zoom lens while traveling. Price $50.
ALC-SH111 lens hood shades cameras from direct sunlight to prevent glare and lens flare. Price $20. UPDATE: The lens hood is made for the 35mm f/1.8 and the 85mm f/2.8 specifically (Thanks DYna for reminding us that).

P.S.: Direct links to the Sony 35mm f/1.8 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay and the Sony 85mm f/2.8 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay.

You can

At least we have something new we can buy :)  I will go for the flash! And you?

Choose the three FE lenses Sigma should make as first:

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Thanks JVS and Justin

April 12, 2011
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Sony announces the 18-252mm mega zoom…but for PL-mount.

Image on top: The Sony F3 with PL-mount

You can see the first images of the 18-252mm Super35mm lens at (via Noisycamera). It uses the PL mount and not the Alpha mount! That because it has been developed for the new Sony F3 and Sony F65. It starts with a f/3.8 aperture. Price is to be determined and availability is said to be winter 2011.

We have to wait a little while before to see new Alpha and E-mount lenses…

April 12, 2011
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Important message for ALL my anonymous sources and SAR readers! (had a problem with my contact form)

I do currently live in Italy and we are the best in the world in saying badwords for hours. That’s what happened today to me :)

I just noticed that our contact form didn’t work since March 21. I didn’t receive any single rumor from those anonymous sources that usually do contact me via contact form only. And I didn’t receive any info from readers that sent me news or reviews. REALLY SORRY! I feel so bad now. I owe you all a beer :(

If you sent me something important please send it to me again. The form now works (I tested it many times).

The issue happened after a routine work made by my designer. He changed a setting and didn’t think that it would affect the form. And I didn’t recognize the problem earlier while I was fixing other big issues on the website (like the IE9 bug).

I hope my sources can forgive me for that :) I am waiting for your news about the A35 NEX-3C and other cameras…. :)


UPDATE: I just received the first messages through the contact form. Thanks!