A source explains why the 24mm E-mount Zeiss is so big.

One of my good sources explained why the new Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 lens is so large: “The large lenses have optics that are usable, with minimal modification, with SLT cameras. NEX-7 is a high quality photographic tool. Shorter size lenses would have very short distance of the rear lens element to the film plane. With small exit lens on wide lenses there would be too much light fallout. That is why a high quality WA lens needs to be bigger. The problems with NEX system. Very short flange distance is excellent for making inexpensive, quality, small WA lenses. The problem is light fallout at the edges of the picture – because the exit pupil of the lens would be too small and close to the CMOS. It is the reason the new 24 mm Zeiss is so big.

Reminder: The Zeiss will cost around $999 and it will have a 16cm close focusing distance.

Sony TidBits

The video on top shows a video made with the new [shoplink 7207]Sony NEX-C3[/shoplink] and a set of M-mount lenses:
Zeiss 18/4 Distagon ZM ([shoplink 7996 ebay]Click here to see that lens auctions on eBay[/shoplink])
Leica Summicron-M 28/2 ASPH ([shoplink 7997 ebay]auctions on eBay[/shoplink])
Leica Summilux-M 35/1.4 ASPH ([shoplink 7998 ebay]auctions on eBay[/shoplink])
Leica Summilux-M 50/1.4 ASPH ([shoplink 7999 ebay]auctions on eBay[/shoplink])
Leica APO-Summicron-M 90/2 ASPH ([shoplink 8000 ebay]auctions on eBay[/shoplink])
Glidetrack Shooter SD ([shoplink 8001 ebay]auctions on eBay[/shoplink])
Zacuto DSLR baseplate / Rails ([shoplink 8006 ebay]auctions on eBay[/shoplink])
Manfrotto 535 CF / 503 HDV ([shoplink 8007 ebay]auctions on eBay[/shoplink])

Sony NEX-C3 first look at SonyAlphaLab (Click here).

Sony HX9V Review by Thom Hogan (Click here): “It fits in a shirt pocket and it has a lens that goes from here to there, exactly as you’d want. For the small sensor size, the results are (barely) up to snuff in stills at low ISO, great in video. A serious shooter can do worse with some of the other compacts. Far worse in a few cases.” See the HX9V at [shopcountry 7597].

Picture effects tested on the Sony A55 at DC.watch (japanese).

A Sony NEX-C3 review by David Pogue from the New York Times (Click here). See the NEX-C3 at [shopcountry 7207].

Sony launches DSC-TX55 and WX30 compact cameras.

Today Sony announced two new compact cameras, the TX55 and WX30. The TX55 is the most interesting camera which is the world’s thinnest camera in its class (among cameras with an optical anti-shake function). It has 16.2 Mp backside illuminated CMOS sensor and a 27-135mmlens. It records 1080i60 videos. It has a 3.3 inch OLED touch screen. The “coolest” new feature is the ‘Super Pixel Resolution’ digital zoom mode: “That boosts magnification without lowering the pixel count in the final image. Exclusive to Sony, ‘By Pixel Super Resolution’ processing further extends the camera’s 5x optical zoom range, allowing full-resolution 16.2 megapixel images with a maximum 10x zoom.

You can already preorder that camera at Amazon US (Click here).

Sony TidBits (with new Sony NEX-C3 reviews)

Sony α55 DSLR with Glidecam HD-2000 steadicam ([shoplink 7779 ebay]Click here to get the Glidecam on eBay)[/shoplink].

Full Sony NEX-C3 review at Photoreview Australia: “Although the NEX-C3’s grip is slightly better than on the NEX-3, it’s not nearly as comfortable as on the NEX-5. It forces you to pull your index finger back to trigger the shutter, instead of positioning it comfortably above the shutter button…We’re not sure why Sony has restricted the ISO range in this way when the sensor is clearly capable of covering a wider range. It’s most puzzling to see the lower end of the sensitivity scale not being fully exploited…Differences between JPEG and raw files were less than we’re accustomed to seeing, probably as a result of using the supplied raw file converter. Resolution remained high throughout the camera’s sensitivity range, with a gradual decline across the sensitivity range.

Also CNET US tested the NEX-C3: “Compact and attractive, with a tilting LCD and excellent photo quality, the Sony Alpha NEX-C3 has some compelling aspects. But with the 18-55mm lens the camera becomes substantially less compact, there’s no EVF option, and the video capabilities are more limited than I’d expect for the price. A lot of people will like the Sony Alpha NEX-C3 for its excellent photo quality and a now more usable design, but it can get unexpectedly heavy with the zoom E-mount lenses, and it’s still a bit more expensive than many point-and-shoot upgraders will like.

The NEX-C3 will be soon in Stock in non asian countries too. Preorder it at [shopcountry 7207] (Click on the shop names to visit the search page).

That’s a cool accessory: Jtec announced a hotshoe converter for the NEX cameras (from the proprietary Sony hot shoe to the universal hot shoe). Check at DC.watch.

Some nice NEX images sent to me by one of our readers (http://www.fluidr.com/)

Sony announces the TX55 with Clear Image Zoom

I was wondering why Sony didn’t announce the new compact camera(s) yet. But finally we have some hint. Sony will announce the TX55 at any moment from now.

According to DCviews: “What sets the TX55 apart is the new digital zoom technology called Clear Image Zoom that, instead of cropping the image, is using a more sophisticated process that includes pixel creation and pattern matching for a clearer and sharper magnified image. The DSC-TX55 will come in four colors and cost around $350. The camera is expected to be available in September…

Those are the specs
26mm wide-angle zoom
3.3-inch touchscreen LCD
10 frames per second (full resolution) burst mode
3D-still photos capability
dedicated video button
1080i full HD-resolution video capability

Sony TidBits!

“Awakening” – Flycam Nano, Sony a55, Sigma 10-20, ND Filters. You can buy the Flycam on [shoplink 7693 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].

Helicoid Leica M to NEX E-mount Lens Adapter (SonyAlphaNex).

Yashica Yashinon 50mm DSB 1.9 lens tested on the NEX-3 at OneMorelens. See that lens on [shoplink 7692 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink]

Sony NEX-C3 image samples at Ganref.

Sony A35 review at CNET.

Sony TidBits!

Sony NEX-FS100 Accessories with Brian Young. Check the NEX-FS100 price and specs at [shopcountry 6170].

Sony A580 review at Quesabesde. Price checks at [shopcountry 5509]

Sony NEX Macro Extension Tubes Available on [shoplink 7587 ebay]eBay[/shoplink]! (found via SonyAlphaNex).

NEX-C3 High ISO Noise Test at SonyAlphaNex. The camera has also been tested by the japanese Xamera.itmedia.co.jp and DC.watch websites.

Sony SLT-A35 Hands-On Preview at Photoxels. German A35 video presentation on youtube.

Sony Cybershot DSC-HX100V Review (Photographyblog).

Sony World Photography Awards Goes 3D at ePhotozine.