SonyAlphaRumors has a new facebook page.

Dear SAR readers!

As you may have noticed the SAR facebook account has been deleted by…facebook! This happened because only a real person can register a facebook account. That’s why the kicked as in the axx! I created a new SonyAlphaRumors fan page (that is allowed by facebbok) and you can join right now at

On the old account we had over 1.300 followers. So please help me to win them back. Tell your friends that can join again! Thanks! See you there!

Sony “storms” in Japan, and surpasses Nikon in United Kingdom!

Amateur Photographer just published a very interesting article about the current interchangeable lens cameras sales:
Though Canon and Nikon still dominate the market, in Japan their combined share slumped 11% to 60.4% in 2010…..Sony stormed into third place with a 15.2% share, according to the figures.

And the best part is coming now:
In the UK, AP understands that Sony overtook Nikon in volume sales of interchangeable lens models for December 2010 – notching up 25% compared to Nikon’s 20%.”

That’s very good news for Sony! The new NEX and translucent cameras (without to forget the [shoplink 4617]A580[/shoplink]) really hit the market. Now Sony, we all know what we need to keep climibin the rankings, the A77, the NEX7, and the new fullframe cameras!

P.S.: There is no place where you can find exact rankings. You can only get a very approximative and general idea of how Sony cameras are selling at Amazon by checking their current bestseller rankings:
Click here to see the US ranking
Click here to see the UK rankings
Click here to see the Amazon Germany ranking
Click here to see the Amazon France ranking
Click hee to see the Amazon Italy rankings

One more visual proof the Nikon D7000 is using a Sony sensor. ripped the new Nikon D7000 and discovered that it comes equipped with a DX format (APS-C) sensor fabricated by Sony, the IMX071 (click here to see the image).. That explains why the [shoplink 4617]Sony A580[/shoplink] and the Nikon D7000 scored the same result at DxOmark. Now you will say “ok, we already knew that“! But you know, Nikon is officially stating that their sensors are somewhat “different” than Sony sensors. After that D7000 massacre we can say that their statement isn’t correct!

P.S.: his image sensor features a pixel size of 4.8 µm x 4.8 µm (as seen in the Bayer patterned RGB color filters). The sensor displays improvements in pixel layout and process features, as compared to previous generations of Sony DSLR sensors.

Sony NEX-5 now comes in GOLD.

Sony unveiled the new Gold NEX-5. It should be released by February the 10th. Using a gold body and silver lens is not my taste but you might find it cool!

Sony Tidbits

Hibride W8: Sony NEX-5 + 3 D Panasonic Lumix H-FT012. Using the [shoplink 4840]Micro Four Thirds to NEX adapter (Click here to get one on eBay)[/shoplink].

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Sony close to become number one in japan ;)

Sony is about to write history (ok ok it’s an exaggeration)! Since years Nikon and Canon have been always on top of the weekly japanaese sales chart. In over two years I never saw any other company become the number one in those rankings. Now look at the latest BCNranking data. In Japan the [shoplink 3003]Sony NEX-5[/shoplink] was the second most sold system camera of the week! Now we are very close to the Canon Rebel. Message to Sony: Release soon those new lenses and you will become number one in a second ;)