New Sony NEX reviews and news (NX10 vs NEX5 rolling shutter effect)

Let’s start with a “rolling shutter” effect comparison. On top you have the Sony NEX-5Sony NEX-5Sony NEX-5 and below the Samsung NX10

The japanese website posted a new image Gallery with some NEX image samples at different ISO settings

The korean website SLRclub posted the second part of their Sony NEX5 review. The article is available in korean only but there are plenty of videos to watch!

One of our readers asked Sony “if it would be possible that future firmware updates will add auto focus for ALphamount lenses? or is this a hardware limitation?“:
The answer from Sony: “Hi XXX, The LA-EA1 Mount adaptor which allows use of A-mount lenses on NEX cameras does not include auto-focus actuation for A-mount lenses. The NEX recognize the value of AF for A-mount lenses with NEX cameras, but the slow AF acquisition time of legacy mount lenses with Contrast AF systems resulted in AF function not being included. This is consistent with other Lens Mount adaptors for cameras using Contrast AF with legacy lenses. NEX also uses a powerful Focus Magnifier to aid Manual Focusing, helpful when using A-mount lenses. I hope that info was helpful!

And according to primetimecrew NEX cameras will be available late August (is that really true?)

Sony NEX previews, news and new stuff on eBay

Sony NEX-5 Preview by

First NEX cameras and accessory is on eBayNEX cameras and accessory is on eBayNEX cameras and accessory is on eBayNEX cameras and accessory is on eBayNEX cameras and accessory is on eBayNEX cameras and accessory is on eBayNEX cameras and accessory is on eBayNEX cameras and accessory is on eBayNEX cameras and accessory is on eBayNEX cameras and accessory is on eBayNEX cameras and accessory is on eBay

Sony Alpha NEX-5 – Hands-On Video Review on Digitaltrends
The Lenses Of The Sony NEX (Sonyinsider)
Sony NEX test on (google english translation)
Sony NEX Launch – detailed transcription (photoclubalpha / via noisycamera)

Toru Katsumoto interviewed on Quesabesde

Quesabesde (google english translation)

The most interesting parts are:
1) Indeed, the bodies of the cameras are really small, but the size of the optics is somewhat disproportionate. We did not want to sacrifice image quality to get smaller targets. It is a challenge for our engineers to achieve a reduction in the future the size of the optical and while maintaining its quality.
2) The zoom of 18-55 mm is lighter than that used by the Micro Four Thirds cameras
3) To make the camera body was small, the smallest of the moment, this time the engineers decided to move the Super SteadyShot system to the objectives. It is the best choice when you want to give priority to reducing the size of the camera.

TO read the interview click here: Quesabesde (google english translation)

Sony TidBits

Sony Alpha NEX System: Interview with Sony UK

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7 Review (digitalcamerareview)
Sony 2nd Generation BSI Sensor Reverse Engineered by Chipworks (ImageSensorWorld)
A900 Sony 50mm 1.4 – F1.4 to F8 Test (dpreview forum)
Sony EX3 prototype 3D camcorder spotted (Engadget)
Best Digital SLR cameras 2010 (Whatdigitalcamera)

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