Cool (and expensive) stuff from Sony: Binoculars with built-in video recording feature!

Sony announced two new binoculars with built-in recording features (the DEV-3 and DEV-5)! You can read a preview written by our freind David Kilpatrick at Photoclubalpha (Click here). A full press release is available at Engadget (Click here).

UPDATE: You can already buy the two binoculars at Amazon US:
DEV-3 at Amazon (Click here).
DEV-5 at Amazon (Click here).

Below you can see a first preview made by a suisse website (there are english subtitles):

One more thing: David wrote: “An invitation to a Sony event on August 15th seemed perfectly timed for the announcement of the Alpha 77 and 65, NEX-7 and NEX-5n. In fact, those cameras are to be launched in Greece before August 24th when their embargo will be lifted – and Photoclubalpha, as a very minor player in this business, is not on the guest list.

Yes, the new Sony cameras and lenses will be announced in a huge event in Greece on August 24. And I found it pity that Sony didn’t invite David. Doesn’t matter how small his website is, he is a long time Alpha shooter and writer! Come one Sony!

Sony A55 transparent mirror removed and analyzed!

Image credit: TheSyberSite analyzed

TheSyberSite (Click here) investigated the bugs and limitations of the Sony A55. And he gave a particular attention to the translucent mirror construction He actually removed the A55’s mirror!). The mirror is made by flexible plastic (See the picture on top). Also without the mirror you can use the A55 to take picture (of course autofocusing will not work!). It would have been nice to see if there is some kind of improvement in the image quality. That’s why I contacted the author of the test. He said he will post such a comparison soon.

Thanks Ray!

SonyAlphaRumors now on Google+!

A short break from rumors: Starting from today you can join us on the Google+ social network: That is our profile address: As you now you can only join if you have an official invitation. I can actually invite 150 people to join. You only have to click that link:

P.S.: SAR is also on Facebook and Twitter!

Sony HX9v is the “ultimate run and gun cam”

Johnnie Behiri is a freelance cameraman and editor working mostly for the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel. He tested the Sony HX9v for Cinema5d (Click here). You may ask why the hell he tested a compact camera for video? Click the play button and you will see it. It may not be casual that this is the best sold Sony camera on Amazon US (Click here to see the ranking).

And those are the HX9v price check links at [shopcountry 7597].

Sony Tidbits (New NEX-C3 reviews)

The video on top has been made by WeAreHQ TV: “Livin Proof is London’s best Hip Hop night. Check out the antics of this months event. Filmed on the new Sony FS100 with a Sony 50mm f1.4 and Minolta 16mm Fisheye. ALL 30db GAIN. The club was so dark I needed the camera to see where my friends were. Awesome camera.
You can check the price of the camera at Digitalrev, B&H,, and

ThePhoBlographer (Click here) posted a new NEX-C3 review: “The autofocus is quick, silent and accurate but isn’t very smart based on the composition. The ergonomics are quite good and the camera feels nice in the hand. However, I wish it felt a bit tougher and more manly. In the end though, I can only mostly say good things about the Sony NEX C3 and recommend it to those that want to start out or perhaps shoot in Aperture mode all day (and night).
NEX-C3 in status check links at [shopcountry 7207].

New leather case for the NEX-C3 (

SonyAlphaLab posted NEX-C3 video smaples and full resolution photos.

You can now purchase the Nanoha ultra macro lens for NEX at


Sony introduces the new “WhiteMagic” 3 inch LCD.

Sony Japan has just introduce a new LCD Module. It is 100% brighter or you can switch to the normal mode where it consumes 50% less power than existing units. The new LCD uses an additional white “dot” to provide a brighter image. The LCD has 1.24 million dots and a VGA resolution (640×480 pixels).

Important: This is not the same LCD that will be used by the upcoming new A77. The A77 will have a 921 million dot Trueblack LCD.

Sony London Distribution Centre burned down!

What’s happening in UK is a terrible story. I am not going to tell you what’s going on as I guess you already know everything. But there is one news regarding Sony. The Sony London Distribution Centre burned down: “Eyewitnesses described how they saw a gang of around 20 looters leaving the warehouse, in Solar Way, north-east Enfield, with electrical goods before the fire took hold” (Source: Mirror). The video on top shows the fire.