Sony TidBits (JVC copying the NEX design)

Sony a55 timelapse

Let’s start with a triple “made in Russia” review:
1) Personal impressions of Sony Alpha SLT-A33 Kit (pavel-kosenko)
2) Test Sony SLT-A33 (chistoprudov.livejournal)
3) Sony A55/A33 test (livejournal)

And that is very interesting: JVC released a videocamera that looks like a NEX camera with a big lens attached (See images at!)

Sony A390: análisis (Quesabesde).

Sony WX10 Hands-On Review (Photographybay).

Three NEX cameras made it into the top 10 of the weekly most sold system cameras in Japan (BCNranking).

A readers mail: “Contacted Sony Canada to ask about the availability of the Alpha 580. I was told that they did not know if / when the Sony Alpha 580 would be available in Canada. On the site, the only DSLR cameras are the 900, the 850 and the 390. Does Sony figure that Canadians don’t take photos?

POLL: Flip-up mode for the translucent mirror

As you have seen from the latest DxOmark test there is a sensible image quality difference between the translucent [shoplink 3617]A55[/shoplink] and the classic [shoplink 3028]A580[/shoplink] DSLR. The main cause is very likely the semitransparent mirror that reflects 30% of the light to the AF sensor.That’s why I ask you to share your opinion about the importance to have a “flip-up” mode for the translucent mirror that would allow you to take picture without having the light loss. Let Sony know what you think!

Should Sony make a high end APS-C E-mount camera?

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Smart patent: How to add a foldable grip to compact cameras.

Today I had some time to read the latest Sony patents. I didn’t find anything about the future Sony cameras. But I found a patent that shows a genius way to add a grip to super compact cameras by simply…folding it! You can see more designs here:

So was it worth to spend a Sunday afternoon for that? Nope :)  But I  always hope to find some cool stuff like I did last year when I found the translucent technology patent.

Sony TidBits (Sony A580 review at Photoradar)

Sony NEX-5 Droidworx Microcopter UAV (via SonyAlphaNex).

Sony A580 review at Photoradar: “As an all-rounder performer it shines, with its high-resolution sensor and articulated LCD screen making it ideal for still-life photography, and its speedy focusing system and 7fps burst rate meaning that it’s not out of place when action presents itself either.

Sony Alpha 55: Lightroom vs DxO Optics Pro, duel of the titans at high ISO (Alpha Numerique).

DxOmark tested all manual Zeiss lenses (they are not available for Sony yet…but maybe in future…)

Sony NEX-5 vs Olympus E-Pl1 head to head at

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T99 Review (Steve Digicams).

Both Sony and Omnivision Might Supply Sensors for iPhone 5 (Image Sensor World).

Sony HX7V Hands-On Review (Photographybay).

Sony TX100V Hands-On Review (Photographybay).

A55 vs A850 high ISO shootout (Dpreview forum).

SLRmagic is asking you if you want a 50mm f/1.0 prime for NEX cameras.

[shoplink 3514][/shoplink]

We are all waiting for Sony to release new high quality lenses for our NEX cameras. But meanwhile another lens producer is asking NEX owners if they would be interested in getting a 50mm f/1.0 manual lens. The company is SLRmagic which already made the cheap [shoplink 3514]35mm f/1.7[/shoplink] lens with E-mount. So let them know what you think!

The next fast lens should be...

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[shoplink 3514]Click here to see the current SLRmagic 35mm f/1.7 lens at eBay (You can get it here only)[/shoplink].

Impressive tutorial for a homemade A55 underwater housing!

Let’s make a very short break from all those boring rumors I posted in these days ;)

David Bejarano form gave me the link to an impressive tutorial for a homemade underwater housing for sony a55 (Author: Zolkman):

That thing really works! And it’s much cheaper than the [shoplink 4815]SOny NEX-5 underwater housing[/shoplink]!