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(SR5) First leaked image of the new Sony A9II flagship camera!


This is the first leaked image of the new Sony A9II !!! The camera will be announced in October. UPDATE. It will NOT be displayed at the PhotoPlus show but on a separate event because Sony decided to NOT be present at the show this year.

I got three images of the new Sony A9II and I am now allowed to post this one only :) And yes:

The new Sony A9II looks exactly like the new Sony A7rIV but with the additional dial on the left.

This is not a photoshopped image and indeed there will be only one minor change to prove you this is the real deal:

– Gone is the “Focus mode dial lock release button” of the previous Sony A9

Now before you rant about the disappointment of this news :) I have been assured that all the WOW elements are INSIDE the camera. The sensor should be the most advanced one on the market yet! Hope to get some info about this soon :)

The only yet NON-confirmed info I got is that it uses a new generation 36MP sensor. But I repeat this is NOT confirmed yet!

Sony A9II rumor recap:
– The camera will be announced in October and displayed at the PhotoPlus show in NYC (October  23-25)
– The camera has the same A7rIV body with additional dial on the left.
– The big improvements are INSIDE the camera with a very new generation Sony sensor and improved autofocus
– Unconfirmed: The sensor could have 36MP resolution

Stay tuned on SAR!

Got a rumor to share?
If you happen to have some info about this new Sony A9II camera drop me an anonymous message using this contact form or send me an email at


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