NEX-5n review roundup (one camera to win at Pocket Lint)

Booths & Bodies: The life and work of Anthony Vizzari from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Jae Yoon posted a user report on Steve Huff’s website (Click here). He used the Sony NEX-5n with the amazing Contax G Lenses: “On that note, I have to heartily recommend the Contax G Zeiss 28mm F2.8 and 45mxm F2 lenses. The 28mm F2.8 had some trouble with the initial NEX cameras because of the rear focus Biogon design that didn’t jive well with the microlenses on those first generation sensors. You would end up with distracting and somewhat ugly corners because the rear element of the lens came too close to the sensor and light was hitting it at too extreme of an angle. With the newly designed sensor in the 5N, Sony has mostly alleviated the issue and its hard for me to detect in my images if I’m seeing color shift or just simple vignetting for infinity focus shots. Either way, the situation is nearly undetectable for this deservedly heralded lens.

A quick reminder. Contax made seven G lenses you cann all use on your NEX with the [shoplink 10578 ebay]G to NEX adapter[/shoplink]. Her eare the lenses:
Contax G 16mm f/8 ([shoplink 10568 ebay]Click here to see them on eBay[/shoplink]).
Contax G 21mm f/2.8 ([shoplink 10570 ebay]Click here to see them on eBay[/shoplink]).
Contax G 28mm f/2.8 ([shoplink 10571 ebay]Click here to see them on eBay[/shoplink]).
Contax G 35mm f/2.0 ([shoplink 10572 ebay]Click here to see them on eBay[/shoplink]).
Contax G 35-70mm f/3.5-5.6 ([shoplink 10573 ebay]Click here to see them on eBay[/shoplink]).
Contax G 45mm f/2.0 ([shoplink 10574 ebay]Click here to see them on eBay[/shoplink]).
Contax G 90mm f/2.8 ([shoplink 10575 ebay]Click here to see them on eBay[/shoplink]).

This is the most “unserious” review of the NEX-5n I have ever seen:

Matt sent me this: Nex-5n & Voigtlander 35mm (vimeo).

And don’t forget that you win a NEX-5n at Pocket Lint (Click here).

Mike sent me this: the courier trailer: johnny diamandis: Sony SLT A77 and Nex 5N (Mikekobal).

The Sony NEX-5n is in Stock at [shopcountry 8452] (Just click on shop name to visit the direct product search page). Don’t forget that you can ad that amazing (but tiny bit too expensive) FDA-EV1S external viewfinder: [shopcountry 9110].

SLR magic shows the new 23mm f/1.7 lens for E-mount (UPDATED with full press release)

SLR magic sent this picture to show the new Hyperprime 23mm f/1.7 lens for E-mount. It’s coming in Dec/Jan and the price is $379. It’s almost two third cheaper than the [shoplink 8450]Zeiss 24mm f/1.8[/shoplink] but it has no autofocus and very likely it will not be that good. I hope they will send me some image samples soon to see how it performs!

P.S: This is the second Hyper prime lens. The first is the [shoplink 10552 ebay]Hyperprime 50mm f/0.95 lens (Click here to see it on eBay)[/shoplink].

NEW: THE SLR Magic HyperPrime 23mm F1.7
SLR Magic expands its E-mount lineup with a new wide angle lens

Hong Kong, China (December 8, 2011) – SLR Magic expands the E-mount lens lineup with the new SLR Magic HyperPrime 23mm F1.7 wide angle lens. With this latest addition, the portfolio of lenses for the E-mount system is now comprised of three focal lengths. The world’s fastest interchangeable camera lens with APS-C coverage in this focal length, the SLR Magic HyperPrime 23mm F1.7 will be available in January 2012.
The field of view of this new HyperPrime Lens corresponds to a 35mm lens in 35mm format and this fast wide angle of view opens up many new creative composition opportunities, particularly in the fields of candid, street, and landscape cinematography and photography. A minimum focus distance of 0.15m allows for pleasing defocused backgrounds. Additionally, a fast max aperture of F1.7 makes the SLR Magic HyperPrime 23mm F1.7 ideal for available-light photography.
We place our highest priority in the development of all HyperPrime lenses to fulfill the demands of professional cinematographers and photographers. The design and build of the SLR Magic HyperPrime 23mm F1.7 is solid and reliable.
The SLR Magic HyperPrime 23mm F1.7 will be available from authorized SLR Magic dealers by the end of January 2012.

Technical Data SLR Magic HyperPrime 23mm F1.7
Lens Type: Fast wide-angle lens with five Tantalum glass elements to ensure superior cinematic performance.
Compatible Cameras: All E-mount cameras
Optical Design: 8 elements in 7 groups
Distance Settings: Distance range: 0.15m to ∞, combined scale meter/feet
Aperture: Manually controlled diaphragm, 12 aperture blades (circular), Lowest value 22
Bayonet: E-mount
Filter Mount: 49mm; filter mount does not rotate.
Surface Finish: Black anodized
Dimensions: Length to bayonet mount: approx. 50mm (approx. 1.97in)
Largest diameter: approx. 61mm (approx. 2.40in)
Weight: approx. 240g (approx. 8.47oz)

Andrew Chan
Product Manager

First NEX-7 and Tamron lens shipping next week! And NEX-7 case in Stock at BHphoto!

We have plenty of good news today :) Here is an update about the new Tamron lens and NEX-7 shipment (Thanks to all readers for collecting these news!):
1) The new Tamron lens costs 80,000 Yen without tax (>$1,000) in Japan and will start to ship on Dec 15! As soon as I know where you can preorder I will share the links. The optical performance graph of the lens is available at (Click here).
2) A couple of SAR readers got an email from Sony Store saying that their NEX-7 preorder will ship next week! And the new Sony Body Case and Lens Jacket for the NEX-7 is already in Stock at BHphoto (Click here).
3) The new Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 lens for NEX is in Stock (or soon in Stock) in many stores: [shopcountry 8450].

Here are all the links to the NEX-7 to see who is accepting preorders:
[shoplist 8454]

Official: Sony NEX-7 and A65 coming on January 27 but first quantities already shipping now! + new NEX-7 accessories

Finally! The NEX-7 and A65 will start worldwide shipment on January 27! Here is the news from Sony: (google translated). A wonder why the A77 isn’t mentioned. I hope it’s because they are already producing and shipping the camera :) I have been told that Sony Japan is already accepting NEX-7 preorders! Also Amazon UK (Click here), Amazon DE (Click here), Amazon France (Click here), Adorama (Click here) are accepting preorders!

But there is one more good news. Early Sony US preorders will be shipped this months! Here is the official text from Sony USA: “Sony USA is happy to announce that limited quantities of the new NEX-7 camera will begin shipping to pre-order customers this month. Overall production capacity remains restrained as a result of the recent floods in Thailand, but we’ve made significant progress recovering our manufacturing capabilities and supply chain. We’re continuing to aggressively pursue all efforts to restore full production capability of the NEX-7 and other affected models.”

Sony Japan also announced new NEX-7 accessories you can see as screenshot here on top!

Good news guys or not? We can wait 6 weeks or not?

HOT! Tamron announces a new 18-200mm f/3,5-6,3 Di III VC lens for NEX!!!

The spanish DSLRmagazine (Click here) just posted a super news! Tamron launched the first E-mount lens, the 18-200 mm f/3,5-6,3 Di III VC. Yeah there is already an [shoplink 10533 ebay]Alpha lens version[/shoplink] of it but this lens has been specifically designed for NEX and the main feature is the “step-motor” which is designed to align 100% with the contrast AF system of the NEX, particularly good for video! In addition, the “DMF” (Direct Manual Focus) allows focusing by hand if necessary, even in AF mode.

There is no info about the price and availabiliy yet. Here are the specs:

Coverage APS-C
Focus 18-200 mm
Focal “equivalent” 27-300 mm
Angles 76 º 10′-8 ° 03 ‘(diagonal)
Maximum aperture f / 3.5 to 6.3
Minimum Aperture f/22-40
Number of blades 7
Lenses / groups 17/13
Aspherical lens Not specified
Special lenses Not specified
Floating lens For internal focus
Coatings Multilayer
Minimum focusing distance 50 cm
Reproduction Ratio 1:3,7
Area covered Not specified
AF Yes, internal
Engine Type Stepwise, redesigned
Motorized Zoom Not
Engine Type Not applicable
Manual Focus So, with fine control in AF mode
Or filter 62 mm
Ø x length 68 x 96.7 mm (102 mm including lens mount)
Weight 460 grams
Design Exterior metallic silver and black finishes
Mount Metal, “E” for Sony NEX
Data transmission Electronics
Optimized for video If, stepper motor specific for NEX
Included Accessories Tapas, petal lens hood
Optional Accessories Not specified
Approximate price To be announced
Availability To be announced


Sony NEX-7 camera of the year (Popular photography ). And new NEX-7 reviews.

Popular photography magazine named the [shoplink 8454]Sony NEX-7[/shoplink] camera of the year in their January 2012 issue. And they posted the full review online at Popphoto (Click here): “Sony’s NEX-7 is currently our pick for the best ILC on the market. It combines outstanding image quality with solid ergonomics and, in addition to the normal array of preset shooting modes, plenty of useful options. When we tested Sony’s first NEX cameras, we weren’t very impressed. Now, we definitely are, and we’re eagerly awaiting whatever Sony has up its sleeve next.

The french website Clubic (Click here to read the google translation) tested the NEX-7. The NEX-7 is a superb cameras but the reviewer would have preferred the same NEX-5n sensor inside the camera. The real weakness is the kit lens that is not good enough for the high resolution 24 Megapxiel sensor.

Luminous Landscape (Click here) posted a new Legacy Wide Angle Lenses NEX-7 / NEX-5n Comparison: “There is significant lens cast visible with the NEX-7 and some legacy lenses, and it isn’t minor. The reason for it is that the 24 Megapixel sensor has smaller photo sites, and oblique light rays, especially those from wide angle lens (more on this in a moment), show a magenta colour shift. The 5n has larger sensels and also a different microlens layout than the 7, making it much less problematic with some legacy lenses.
They tested three lenses:
1) Voigtländer Ultra Wide-Heliar 12mm f/5.6 ([shoplink 10507 ebay]Click here to see the lens specs and price on eBay[/shoplink]).
2) Sigma 8-16mm f/4.5–f/5.6 DC HSM ([shoplink 10508 ebay]Click here to see the lens specs and price on eBay[/shoplink]).
3) Leica Wide Tri-Elmar 16-18-21mm ([shoplink 10509 ebay]Click here to see the lens specs and price on eBay[/shoplink]).

There is still no official news about when the camera will be in Stock. The last info I got said it’s coming in February. You can look for NEX-7 preorders at [shopcountry 8454]. What is in Stock (or will be this week) is the amazing Zeiss 24mm lens: [shopcountry 8450].