(SR3) Nikon is still using Sony sensors! And Pentax will soon come with their Sony powered cameras!

UPDATE: I will check the rumor with my other sources. I downgraded the rumor rating and I hope to give you an update soon. Anyway the source gave me good and correct news in the past. He is reading your comments and he will answer your questions!

The rumor:
As you may remember Thom Hogan “speculated” that Nikon is or will starting to produce their own sensors. A source told us that this is NOT going to happen:

new D3100 CMOS is indeed Sony designed and manufactured, to Nikon specs. It is basically a Sony CMOS with some mainly cosmetic differences and since not all pixels are being normally used at the edges, it gives the manufacturers the leeway to make the specs change to make them look different. Sony’s policy, for over a decade, has been to sell its chips to competition with 6 months delay. Although Nikon had sample chips to design their products, they could not start making the products during the 6 months of Sony selling products with the same chips, unless Sony has a different arrangement with Nikon, which I doubt. Nikon does not have the expertise to design its own chips, never the kind that Sony designs. Nikon would never be able to achieve Sony’s expertise. See the video codec on the Nikon CMOS. Do you really believe that it is different than Sony’s. It’s just set at 24p; that’s all. Do you believe that Nikon could design chip with this codec? Do you think that Sony would licence them the technology to copy Sony’s design? Sony and Nikon have a strong relationship and work together in fighting Canon. Canon is really nervous about Sony camera releases. The [shoplink 3003]NEX[/shoplink] and the 33/55 cameras are and will be marketed totally differently than previous Sony cameras, where Sony just continued the Minolta tradition, until they developed their own cameras, which were from the beginning meant to properly integrate video and still photography, which is the future trend and it is where Sony expertise lies. Total misinformation is that Sony is getting out of FF sensor business. Sony’s future is no OVF on APSC and a pro FF line with OVF. That will be Sony’s main future emphasis. That will naturally include continuous design and manufacturing of FF CMOS sensors. Pentax tried Samsung sensors. They dropped tham and went quickly back to Sony. No company cam produce better sensors than Sony.”

P.S.: We from SonyAlphaRumors that Sonys next step is to satisfy the semi-pro and after that the pro market. So stay tuned!

Sony TidBits

Nex-5 & filters test from polispol on Vimeo.

Field Review: Sony NEX 5 (Day 1) at ThePhoBlographer

Motimotion.at tested following for lenses on the [shoplink 3003]Sony NEX-5[/shoplink] (using the Sony E-Mount to Nikon lens adapter):

Which is the best? Look for the answer at motimotion ;)

NEX 3D Sweep Panorama StereoPhotoMaker Tutorial at SonyAlphaNex

[shoplink 3028]Sony Alpha A850[/shoplink] review at Techradar.

More reviews and videos of the new Sony stuff

Canon 550D vs Sony A55 on BHphoto Video AF Comparison

Hands On: Sony A55, A560 and 24mm F2 ZA SSM (ThePhoBlographer)

Sony A55 DSLR Camera Review; Super Fast & Powerful at Devicemag

Sony Alpha 33 photo gallery at Letsgodigital

For our spanish readers: Sony A55V y A33: bajo la lupa (Quesabesde)

For our japanese readers: article on DC.watch

Preorder the camera on BHphoto!
Sony A55 on BHphoto
Sony A33 on BHphoto
Sony A560 on BHphoto

BHphoto and SonyStyle do have the new Sony A55, A33 and A560 available for preorder!

You can now preorder the new cameras and lenses on BHphoto. Good news: “usually ships between 7-14 days“!!!

Click on those links to preorder the camera!

Sony A55 on BHphoto
Sony A33 on BHphoto
Sony A560 on BHphoto

Sony A55 on SonyStyle US
Sony A33 on SonyStyle US
Sony A560 on SonyStyle US

Soon we will write a post with all shops where you can preorder the cameras and lenses!

Still a lot of work to do with new rumors, news and more…

Dear readers!

You may will not believe me but I received 783 mails in 48 hours. I need some time to read them all. Many of you sent me new rumors, reviews and other news. I will post them during the next days and weeks don’t worry.

In the meanwhile I am working to add new features to SonyAlphaRumors. So register yourself using the form on the right sidebar!

I have also a question regarding the comments display:

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Continually updated: New Sony cameras announced!

Sony redefines the DSLR category – a world first in Translucent Mirror Technology (via Pocket Lint)

Keep visiting that post! We will update you with all news previews image samples and more!

1) PRE-ORDERS (coming soon! Click on those links to see when it is available)
Amazon US (still not available….coming soon!)
BHphoto (still not available…coming soon!)
Amazon Germany (still not available…coming soon!)
Amazon UK (still not available…coming soon!)

Luminous Landscape preview!
First Full A55 review on Imaging-Resource
Sony A55 gets the GOLD AWARD from Dpreview!
3D animation of the cameras on Sony Japan
First Sony translucent cameras promo video (click here)!
First A55 and A33 Flickr group.
Hear the shutter noise (on SonyAlphaRumors)
External microphones for the new Alphas! The ECM-ALST1 and ECM-CG50 (SonyAlphaRumors)

PhotographyblogSony A580 Hands-On Photos
Photographyblog Sony A55 Hands-On Photos
Luminous Landscape preview!
Dpreview Just posted! Sony SLT A55 in-depth review
Digital Camera review Sony alpha a55 First Look

Letsgodigital Sony A580 preview
Dpreview Sony SLT Alpha A55 Noise and Noise Reduction (JPEG*). “Even at ISO 3200 the A55 is capable of producing very good image quality” and “the A55 offers the best performance in our measured noise tests
Dpreview RAW files for download!
DpreviewThe Sony Alpha SLT A55 has an extremely capable metering system, which helps enormously to avoid clipped highlights

– The 24mm and 85mm lenses will start shipping late September at $1,250 and $250 respectively. The 35mm will be available from mid-October at a price of $200.
– The designation ‘SLT’ stands for single lens translucent
– The A580 will be available from October 2010 and the A560 will arrive early 2011.
– According to Sony the translucent mirror reflects 30% of the light to a large 15-point phase detection AF sensor. You have a 1/3EV reduction in light transmission for the sensor.
– Dpreview: “The EVF in the A55 and A33 is excellent.”
– Imaging Resource: “The Sony Alpha A55V, the version sold in the United States, has one standout feature not present in the A55 and A33: a built-in GPS receiver. This allows both still images and movies to be automatically tagged with information about the location at which they were recorded.
– Imaging Resource: “Video capture is an area where the Sony A55’s translucent mirror technology makes a huge difference relative to pretty any other SLR currently on the market
Luminous Landscape: “And finally, there is eye detect, so that viewing switches between the LCD and the EVF automatically as you raise it to eye level. ” and “There is a Achilles Heel though, which needs to be understood. PDAF (phase detection autofocus) is done with the lens at its widest aperture. This means that if you want to shoot video with PDAF you lens will always be used at its maximum aperture.

Imaging Resource

Luminous Landscape Focus Tracking Video!
Digital camera review (click on the link and scroll down): http://www.digitalcamerareview.com/default.asp?newsID=4473
Dpreview Video samples

Sony A55 stabilized by a Steadicam Merlin from NSF-56k on Vimeo.

8 ) PRESS RELEASE (latest added links on top):
Quesbesde (here and here)
Pocket Lint Sony A33 and A55: The see-through cameras
Sony Japan
Focus Numerique
ThePhoBlographer Sony Announces New A55, A33, A560 DSLRs, New Lenses
Photographyblog Sony A55 and A33
CNET Asia Sony launches dSLRs with translucent mirrors
Amateur Photographer New Sony Alpha 55 and Alpha 33 EVF DSLRs to feature fixed Translucent Mirror
Digital Camera Review
Dpreview A55 and A33
Dpreview A560 and A580
Dpreview Sony US announces 24mm F2, 35mm F1.8 and 85mm F2.8 lenses

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More new Translucent videos!

Test de l’AF du Sony Alpha 55 from Alpha numérique on Vimeo.

I am not going to post all videos because the post would become to big. I will give you the list with all links:
Sony A33 translucent mirror: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwWp54mv9pI
Sony α55/α33 fake Interlace shooting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUuOJIoPY7I
Canon EOS 550D vs Sony Alpha 55 mirror comparison: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jd130L1aZhQ
Sony Alpha A33 Video Autofocus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9nLcv6hLsQ