New Samsung waterproof SDHC cards.

Samsung just released a new type of high speed SD-card which is waterproof,impact proof and also magnet and x-ray proof!!!
The SAMSUNG SDHC Plus Card is protected by securely assembled case and non-conductive polymer coating material. Beneath that first line of defense is SAMSUNG NAND Flash Memory. The NAND flash memory parts, which are core components, are once again protected by Molding Technology. By covering the surfaces of memories with EMC (Epoxy Molding Compound).

I will definitely buy some of those cards!

I found only few stores which have them in Stock: Amazon UK / Amazon DE / Amazon FR


Sony Offers Trade-in Program

Sony Offers a new Trade-in Program! “Got an old digital camera and want a new Sony Cyber-shot? How about an old gaming system or digital camcorder? If so, Sony has a sweet trade-in program running from now until December 24th, 2009.

Not only will they give you the trade-in value of your old electronic device (if a value can be assessed for the item), Sony will also award you an instant discount code towards specific products.

  • $25 for any camera towards the purchase of select new Cyber-shot Digital Cameras
  • $40 for any camcorder towards the purchase of any new Handycam Camcorder
  • $25 for any game system towards the purchase of any new PS3 or PSP game system

For more information, please visit:

The world camera market in 2009 (source:

source: photoscala
(click here for the google english translation).

– A total of 130 million digital cameras will be sold worldwide in 2009 (decrease of 7% -> about 140 million pieces in 2008)

one of eleven of them is a SLR camera

– Western Europeans do buy more expensive cameras

About 70% of all digital cameras were sold in Europe and North America (each 35%). Each 8% went to Japan and China, the remaining 14% in the rest of the world.