UPDATED:The $345 Yongnuo 85mm f/1.8 FE lens outperforms the $3,990 Zeiss Otus lens?

ThePhoBlographer spotted this surprising result posted by DxOmark. The Yongnuo 85mm f/1.8 FE lens (available at Amazon US, BHphoto, Amazon DE, Amazon UK) outperformed the ten times more expensive Zeiss Otus lens:

UPDATE: The Zeiss was tested on a lower resolution camera, and this surely had a negative influence on the score. Moreover this score is not perfect, it’s a subjective standard of scoring results. So don’t take it as a perfect tool for final judgment. Still, the Yongnuo remains impressive!

Save $27 on the TTArtisan 50mm f/0,95 E lens. SonyAlphablog tested the lens and says “dreamy portraits without being soft”

You save $27 on the 50mm lens sold at TTArtisan store.

Marc Alhadeff just tested this lens and concluded:

The Meike 50mm F0.95 (249$) for E mount (APS-C = A6xxx) will be excellent for portraits and objects details, specially for close shoot with a beautiful rendering : good sharpness wide open and creamy background blur , beautiful bokeh balls, at F2 the lens is tack sharp. Color rendition is good, background blur is very creamy at short distance, contrast is also good for a F0.95 lens. Build quality is very good and focusing/aperture ring are well dampened
If you need consistency on the entire frame you will need to close to F5.6
Like a lot of budget lenses it can do better in term of CA and resistance to flare , but for a F0.95 it is perfectly usable wide open for dreamy portraits without being soft neither

The lens is also available at Amazon US, Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon IT and Amazon ES.