Let’s digg into the possible Sony 36MP sensor specs and performance!

I am sure the A9II will be announced in October but I am yet not 100% sure which sensor it will use. There is a fair chance the A9II will use this IMX435 36MP sensor registered end of 2018. So let’s digg into the specs:

  • 36MP sensor
  • 10fps  at 16 Bit. But frame rate goes up at 14bits!
  • It has 6 native sensitivities (from base to top as seen in the table):
    ISO50 = Conversion Gain -18dB, EI +12dB, DR 17.4EV
    ISO200 = Conversion Gain 0dB, EI +6dB, DR 15.4EV
    ISO800 = Conversion Gain +18dB, EI 0dB, DR 13.4EV
    ISO12800 = Conversion Gain +36dB, EI +6dB
    ISO102400 = Conversion Gain +54dB, EI +6dB
    ISO1638.4K = Conversion Gain +72dB, EI +24dB
  • IMX435 STARVIS use Hecx Native Conversion Gain to Produce more SNR in Dark Scene: (ISO 15 ~ 17.5EV/ISO 100 ~ 15.4EV/…/ISO 409600 ~ 6.9EV)
  • If readout all Conversion Gain, the Landscape can be extended to 120dB, like the high SNR sensor sony displayed on IEDM 2018. But IMX435 seems impossible to do this. It’s not a still picture style sensor.
  • Its full well capacity at base is particularly impressive at 605k e-, A7SII sensor IMX235 is “only” 159K e- with much bigger photosite. This again highlights the power of Exmor RS.”

Sony A9II rumor recap:
– The camera will be announced in October (probably around mid October)
– The camera has the same A7rIV body with additional dial on the left.
– The big improvements are INSIDE the camera with a very new generation Sony sensor and improved autofocus
– Unconfirmed: The sensor could have 36MP resolution and the camera price be close to $5,000.

Got a rumor to share?
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Rumor recap: Sony A9II and Tamron 70-180mm FE

Time for a rumor recap:

Sony Cameras:
FACT: Sony has registered a new High End camera with same Sony A7rIV Wifi capabilities
RUMOR: Sony A9II leaked image. To be announced in October (90% reliable – article here)
RUMOR: Sony 8k sensors and new codec specification (90% reliable – article here).
RUMOR: Quad Bayer FF sensors from Sony (90% reliable – article here).
RUMOR: FX6 camcorder will  be announced in early 2020. Basically an FX9 but with SDXC cards and XAVC-L only (90% reliable – article here).

Sony Lenses:
FACT: Sony said f/1.2 FE lenses are a possibility (article here).
PATENT: Sony patented new 100mm f/1.4 and 500mm f/4.0 lenses (article here and article here).

Third party lenses:
RUMOR: Tamron 70-180mm f/2.8  will be announced in October along three new primes (90% reliable – article here).
RUMOR: Yongnuo will also announce new 35mm f/1.8, 35mm f/2.0 and one 24-70mm FE lens this year! (90% reliable – article here)
FACT: Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 E-mount lens to be announced soon (article here).

One more thing:
PATENT: Sony patented a new drone camera (article here).

For potential SOURCES:
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Don’t worry folks: Sony will be present at the PhotoPlus show in October and you will see the A9II :)

Petapixel reports:

Sony tells PetaPixel that they actually WILL BE GOING to the Expo. A spokesperson responded to our request for comment by writing that the Photo Plus team “has just been delayed in adding Sony to the site.” and they expect Sony “will be officially listed on there either later today or tomorrow.”

So we will indeed see the A9II in New York City as our rumors reported earlier.

Leaked images of the new Profoto C1 Plus. Will cost 499 Euro

Profoto  is making a big fuzz about a new product that will “change the world”. Well don’t get too excited folks :)

They will announce this new Profoto C1 Plus for 499 Euro:

An anonymous source explained to me what  this is:

Actually it’s tiny sized flash designed exclusively to work with iPhones. A flash triggered by the iPhone, fr studio like pictures. apparently there will be a dedicated app to drive the flash from the iPhone, and both will interact via bluetooth.

So definitely NOT something for us Alpha shooters :(

UPDATE:  There is a C1 for 299 Euro and C1 Plus for 499 Euro