Nikon Z9 sensor is not only produced but also patented by Sony?

Sony A1 vs Nikon Z9 specs comparison that can be seen here.

A trusted source told me that of course The new Nikon Z9 sensor has been produced by Sony. But he also said it’s patented by Sony and is Nikon licensed to use it.

I know this is going to create some shitstorm, but this is what a reliable source told me (the same that hared all correct A7IV specs). So there is a chance he is right on this too.

Anyway, I am pretty sure that regardless of this rumor Sony knew well in advance about this Nikon camera. This leads me to believe Sony knows well what they have to do next with the A1II.

Canon EOS R1 is rumored to “outperform” both, the Sony A1 and Nikon Z9

Of course Canon will not stay silent while being aggressively pushed into a corner by the Sony A1 and the new Nikon Z9.

CanonWatch writes the camera might be releases in Q3 2022 and that the Canon EOS R1 will incorporate technology that will “let all competitors behind“. PetaPixel reports about the nw R1 coming in 2022. Specs might be something like this:

45+ megapixels, 8K video recording at various framerates, and a price somewhere north of the R3’s $5,999

It may be that Sony will answer to both cameras with a refreshed model in 2023. 8k60p being mandatory. Still, the Sony A1 will stand out because of the compact form factor with both the Z9 and R1 having integrated grips in order to deliver all that power. Sometimes I wonder if Sony should do a sort of Ax with big body to make those happy that demand a better ergonomic experience.