The waiting for the new 200-600mm FE G lens announcement…

I just saw on Instagram many of the well-known youtubers on flight to the Sony event. While I have no 100% confirmation Sony usually makes the public announcements of new products around 4pm London time. UPDATE: Sony had the press meeting event but the NDA will expire in a few days after that event!

Now while we can be pretty certain to get the new 200-600mm FE I have no idea yet if we can hope to get something else. As far as I have heard the really HUGE events are scheduled for late summer. Sony is betting high on a new High end camera that will replace the A9. It will have a REVOLUTIONARY sensor and I am sure in that case that this isn’t a hype.

I also got rumors about the A7sIII and other Sony FE lenses I will post the weeks after today’s announcement.

In the meantime let’s see if Sony can surprise us today…

Will you buy the new 200-600mm FE if it's priced around $2,000?

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Image of the new World’s widest rectilinear Full Frame Lens mounted from Laowa on the Sony

Kevin Yeung from Laowa posted these pictures of the new World’s widest rectilinear Full Frame f/5.6 M mount lens. In this case you see it adapted on the Sony using the Techart LM-EA7 autofocus adapter. Not sure if this lens will be available as native E-mount version too. Laowa did NOT disclose the focal length of the lens yet…

He also posted three imagge samples shot with it:

Size comparison between the 200-600mm FE and the 100-400mm GM

Our reader Robert made this size comparison between the leaked Sony 200-400mm f/5.6-6.3 G lens and the Sony 100-400mm GM. The new Sony super telephoto zoom lens will be announced this week on June 5 or June 6.

I have no idea how much the new 200-600mm lens will cost yet. Would be happy to learn it’s around $2,000. As a comparison the Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6 lens is priced at $1250.

And some fun by VTC Media :)

And here is a not so 100% accurate size comparison done using the CameraSize tool:

(SR5) Leaked images of the (STOLEN?) new Sony 200-600 G OSS f/5.6-6.3 FE lens!

These images of the new Sony 200-600G OSS f/5.6-6.3 FE lens. The lens will be announced next week on June 5/6!

UPDATE: There is a curious story. Someone either stole or found this lens and is selling it on Yahoo auctions Japan for 20,000 YEN ($200). The seller writes:

There are no accessories or boxes. Good for parts replacement.

I bet is that this is a stolen prototype! If I am right the auction will be removed by yahoo soon after Sony’s official complain!


(SR4) Sony likely to announce a new new wildlife/sports lens on June 5/6!

I am no 90% certain that on June 5/6 Sony will announce at least one new E-mount lens. I still have no info about other possible new lenses or even a camera.

I am 80% certain that there might be a new FE wildlife/sports lens. I have no specs but we had some patents and previous rumors about 500 and 600mm f/4.0 lenses and a 200-600mm FE lens. But like I said I have no specs yet so this wildlife lens might have another focal range and aperture.

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Double Sony press events: on May 31 (no E-mount gear) and June 5/6 (with new E-mount gear)

Folks we have two Sony press events ahead of us:

May 31 event:
Sony will have a press event at the Cinegear show. But I  think there will be no new E-mount gear announced on that event. Seems like Sony’s focus is on their classic camcorder business and Venice ecosystem.
Don’t think there will be a video livestream for that. But if there is one I will post it on SAR

June 5/6 event:
With 100% certainty we will get one (or more?) new E-mount products. I should get some more details about what to expect in the next hours. I am 90% certain there will be no A9II or A7sIII announcement on that event.
There should be a live stream and I will embed it on SAR.