(SR5) Confirmed: This week Tamron 17-28mm price announcement and preorder start

A reliable source now told us that Tamron will have a 17-28mm pricing announcement this week. We should expect preorder to open on the very same day on those pages at BHphoto, FocusCamera and Adorama. The price in Europe is rumored to be around 999 Euro. I guess the US price will be something between $899 and $999.

A couple of weeks ago the German Magazine fotomagazin.de tested the new Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8. This is what they think:

  • It has a tight zoom ring
  • lens hood is made of plastic
  • Autofocus works very quick
  • The lens is sharp even wide open
  • Some wavy distortion at 17mm and pincushion distortion at 28mm. But it’s easy to correct.
  • Some vignetting at 17mm aperture which is gone at 28mm

Short question:

Will you buy the 17-28mm FE lens if it's priced around $999?

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image by  Trần Gia Hy

(SR3) Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 FE lens to be announced in July?

The current Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 EF Canon version

I just got this:

Sigma should be announcing e-mount zoom lenses in July and should start shipping in September. Specifically they told me that I may want to hold of on upgrading my 70-200mm f/2.8.

We know the reason why Sigma launched FE primes only is because the autofocus algorithm on zooms are much more complex. Let’s see if they fixed this!

Links to current Sigma FE lenses:
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Sigma 35mm f/1.4 at BHphoto, FocusCamera, Amazon and Adorama.
Sigma 50mm f/1.4 at BHphoto, FocusCamera, Amazon and Adorama.
Sigma 70mm macro at BHphoto, FocusCamera, Amazon and  Adorama.
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Sigma 105mm f/1.4 at BHphoto, FocusCamera, Amazon and Adorama.
Sigma 135mm f/1.8 at BHphoto, FocusCamera, Amazon and Adorama.

Nokishita confirms new Sony camera registration

Nokishita confirmed that Sony registered a new camera with the code “WW716189”.  But they don’t know if this is a new E-mount or a fixed lens model. All we can safely say is that it’s likely to be a new High End camera as it has this fast 5,8 GHz Wifi capability to transfer large set of files.

As usual with new Sony camera registration we can expect this camera to be announced between now and 2 months max.

Note: Sony usually uses the “WW” prefix for camera models.

Nikon president says it will launch a mirrorless D5 to compete against the Sony A9

Nikkan reports that the Nikon president said it will launch a mirrorless D5. This camera would directly compete against the Sony A9. There is no info about WHEN this camera would be launched. If Nikon wants it to be ready for the 2020 Olympics it would have to be launched in autumn.

And maybe that’s one more reason why Sony is planning to launch the new A9II in autumn too?

All we got about this new A9II is this:

Fall (likely September)

Specifically we have been told the new sensor is a major step forward and I am pretty sure Nikon will not use that “new revolutionary sensor”.

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via Engadget

Not only Canon but also Nikon will soon launch a $900 Full Frame mirrorless camera!

The well-known new site Nikkei is sure that Nikon will launch a 100,000 YEN ($900) mirrorless camera in 2019! I assume this is a new FF Z-mount camera (and not APS-C). It would be $400 cheaper than the current Canon EOS-RP and have the same price as the current Sony A7II.

This is the google translated text from Nikkei:

Nikon will introduce a new mid-price mirrorless camera product in fiscal 2019. The same interchangeable lens can be used in the product that corresponds to a sister model such as the high-end model “Z7” launched by the company in the autumn of 2006. It is expected that the price will be in the 100,000 yen range, which is easier for the general consumer to pick up than the leading 200,000 to 400,000 yen model. The aim is to develop the demand of users other than existing enthusiasts.

Maybe Sony should consider launching a new Sony A5 line of cameras. But don’t get me wrong, this shouldn’t be just a low spec A7 clone. But instead it should be a new line of camera with different design and having those goals:

– Smallest Full Frame camera on the market
– No EVF, few buttons but superb big touchscreen operations
– priced at $699 to clearly undercut the Canon/Nikon offers and make FF access easy for nearly everyone.

It shouldn’t look like a Sony A5100 with FF sensor inside:

But more like this modern ZX1…but smaller:

Just my two cent….maybe you have a better idea?

(SR5) Sony officially registered a new unannounced camera in Asia. It is Sony’s first 5.8GHz WLAN capable camera!

Nice surprise folks! Sony registered a new camera code “WW716189” in Asia. This means that we can expect a new camera to be announced between now and max 1-2 months. You will also notice from the image on top that this will be Sony’s first 5.8GHz WLAN capable camera!

We have no info yet if that’s ane E-mount or RX camera. But it’s 5.8GHz capable and I bet it’s a High End model. It would allow fast file transfer…maybe ideal for something like the A9II?

Reminder: Sony 200-600mm G review will be officially online on June 11 at 4pm London time. Sony 600mm f/4.0 development announcement at the same time!