(SR3) Sony mirrorless EVIL camera in Q2

According to a source from Zeissrumors.com

“There will not be a digital rangefinder from Zeiss. However, a Sony EVIL(Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens)with Zeiss licensed lenses will surface around the Q2 of 2010. Your source was wrong!”

SonyAlphaRumors has more details which we will post tomorrow (We have to wait for a last confirm).

Sir Howard Stringer (CEO of Sony) in Businessweek (via alphamountworld)

Businessweek made an interesting interview with Howard Stringer (CEO of Sony). Click here to read the whole interview “Why Sony Is About to Snap Back

Here you have a small part of the interview:

CHARLIE ROSE (Businessweek)
“What will you say at CES about Sony’s product lineup?”

“This year we’re going to swamp the marketplace with innovation and new products, and we’re going to particularly focus on 3D because we have so many assets compared with anybody else—from cameras to projectors to 3D video games to TVs to Blu-ray—everything can be 3D with us. Size finally matters again, so that is an advantage we intend to demonstrate at CES.

P.S.: thanks “Eneuman” form alphamountworld forum

Sony A450 does the Monte Carlo rally

The french magazine focus-numerique.com (click here to read the google translation) tested the Sony Alpha 450 in an unusual way. They went to the Monte Carlo Rally. The article talks more about cars and less about the Sony A450 but it is definitely worthy to read it :)

What they liked most is the reliable autofocus in such difficoult light conditions.

Nikon could produce future APS-C sensor without Sonys help!

The prestigious french magazine Focus Numerique made an exclusive interview at Tetsurô Gotô (director of laboratory research and development at Nikon).
-> Click here to read the google english translation
The most interesting part for us Sony user is (google english translation): “We have a long relationship with Sony. If the sensors D3s Nikon, D3 and D700 were designed by Nikon, Nikon D3x those of small sensors and APS-C are from Sony. We want to use our own sensors in SLRs most popular [small sensor APS-C], as the performance of our sensors are better. However, it will take some time because it must make economies of scale. Sony is a big company that sells many sensors camera makers. The Alpha DSLR use Sony sensors and we also use Sony sensors in the D3000 and D5000 for example. In our D300, we use a basic Sony sensor and ours have the same definition, but they are quite different, because we make many changes.

That sounds like Nikon is playing with the idea to produce 100% “native” Nikon sensors!

(SR5) UPDATED with more details -> First Sony DSC-TX5 waterproof camera images!

Leaked by slashgear.com

UPDATE: Our source gave us more details: “10fps burst, sweep panorama, iAuto, two image stacking modes for lowlight capture with high ISO and low noise… you’ll see these across the X series“.

Rumored specs (source: photorumors)

* Full 1920×1080 60i AVCHD at either 17mbps or 9mbps, your choice.
* MP4 at 1080p (12mbps) 720p (6mbps) or VGA (3mbps) also available.
* Superb stabilization. Optical Zoom and Optical stabilization is available in video (AVCHD or MP4).
* Backlight correction HDR. * Face detection, face motion recognition, smile shutter.
* Full metadata GPS and Compass tagging (HX5V only). Latitude, Longitude, Time, Date, and the direction you were facing when you took the shot.

Important note: Two days ago we have been the first to post the rumor about the new TX5. Step by step our rumors are becoming more reliable! We will keep in mind the name of the source who sent us the information. I am sure he will tell us more soon!