(SR4) Mirrorless cameras on late May

During the last days we received many mails from people saying the mirrorless cameras will be announced on April 18. The source of the rumor is the famous “Gustav” (or “jsvogel”) which is a known Dyxum user. But according to our sources the camera will be announced on late May! We don’t have the exact date but we have been told that the camera will be available in stores in June. During the past weeks we have been working very silent to collect reliable informations. There will be two mirrorless cameras called NEX!

(SR4) No good feeling about the A7xx…

During the past weeks I had long discussions with many of my sources. I didn’t post anything about the Sony A700 successor because I wanted to double check as much as possible the informations I received. As you can imagine there are many false rumors floating around the web, and also some of my sources can be wrong. One of the main questions I (and you) have is when the A700 successor will finally be on market. According to the infos I received there will be no A7xx at least until Photokina. Most of my sources say that it could also come late 2010 or early 2011 only!

Now remember, we are a rumors site and we are still building our solid sources basis. But in this case I received the same kind of rumor from completely different sources located in different parts of the world. I hate it to give you bad news but to me it seems that Sony wants to push their upcoming mirrorless system more than they push the current Alpha system.
Anyway, tomorrow Sony will do a press conference. I hope the Sony manager will tell us “Yeah the A7xx is here” and I hope to give you the damn cool link to amazon to buy the camera. I really hope that I and my sources are wrong!
But my guts tells that the news might be bad, and I wanted to share it with you.

Again Sony A7xx to be shown at NAB. New entry level cameras without video to come after NAB

We have a small rumor update for you. We had the chance to talk again with our sources and to verify our old rumors. The new Sony A2xx and A3xx will come few weeks after NAB (the NAB takes place on 10 April) and not have video recording. At NAB you will see the A7xx but the camera will not be ready for market release:(
As we already told you there will be a major Sony announcement in May. Sony will launch the two new entry-level cameras, the firmare update and the new mirrorless cameras.

Fools Day: Sony A7R coming at NAB

UPDATE: This are fake specs :)

Cgerrard from AlphaMountWorld posted the specs of the “Sony A7R”. Now we all now today is Fools Day!

APS-C 14 BIT 15.4mp CMOS Exmor Sensor
BIONZ II Dual Processor W/Accelleration Mode
3.2″ Sony OmLED Matrix LCD Screen (w/brightness, contrast, hue adjustments)
New Top LCD Panel
100% Coverage Optical Viewfinder with .94x Magnification (24 cross point AF overlay LCD grid) 29mm Viewfinder Relief
New 24 Point AF System with 14 double cross and 4 wide angle sensors, 1 center quad cross low light AF sensor
8fps High Speed Continuous Shooting (24fps -full resolution shooting in Accelleration Mode)
ISO 64-25,600 Sensitivity Range
84 Segment Smart Priority Metering System
1300 Shot Battery Life Rating (w/new type NP-FM550H)
60fps 1080p HD Video (w/low light mode) with optional Stero Mic imput jack
82 Weather Seals, including main integrated seal on mount for all lenses
14-124 F Degree weather rating
Dim Light IR Mode for extraordinary low light fast focusing
Pre-Shot Capture Mode
Triple Shot HDR Mode
Dynamic Range Optimizer II
Sure Removal – Supersonic Dust Elimination System
Quick Navi II User Interface- User Customizable
Smart Axis/Rotation Digital Level
Sensor Composition Adjustment (2 degrees any direction)
Improved Super Steady Shot Image Stabilization (3-4.5 stop improvement rating)
12 Stops E.V. Adjustment
Interchangable Viewfinder Screens (6 types)
8 Memory Recall Customizable Quick Access Settings
True Vue Automatic White Balance Mode
Dual SD Card Slots
Super Main Sensor Live View
Intelligent Preview (w/auto save feature)
Dual Remote Commander Sensors (front and rear)
Anti-Static Magnesium Body Panels w/Stainless Steel sub-frame
AF Micro Adjustment +/- 30 Step Increments (for up to 45 lenses)

Send your rumors to sonyalpharumors :)

Some people asks me how I do get rumors. There are two ways:
1) contact me at sonyalpharumors@gmail.com
2) or use the contact form on the right sidebar.

I keep my sources anonymous. If you want to feel safe just contact me using a fake gmail account. This helps me to create a constant communication with you. You don’t need to give me your name… I will not ask who you are :)

If you use the contact form on the sidebar you can avoid to give me your real name and email but please add some kind of signature. That will help me to classify sources and recognize the reliable sources.

That said I have been working with the 43rumors teams for months. So I am not a newbie with rumors. I know SonyAlphaRumors needs more time to become very reliable and only your help will make that possible.

I want to add one more note: We received some false rumors from sources which gave us correct rumors during the past months. There are some reasons why that happens:
1) A company can spread out incorrect information.
2) Some information I do receive are not detailled and leads to misinterpretation.

During the last weeks I had an increase of new sources and some of them are very good. So expect me to post some good rumor soon.

P:S: Anonimon+ …hope I answered you :)

Conflicting reports about the new Alphas. Will they have video or not?

Sorry guys I have to make a step back. After posting the latest rumor about the upcoming entry level Alphas I received some conflicting reports. It seems that there have been some doubts with the new Alphas having videorecording or not.

Let’s start with the key-points where everyone of my sources do agree:
All of them do confirm that new announcement about still cameras will be made at NAB (April 10-14). All of them confirm that we are talking about APS-C cameras. And all do confirm that there will be no A7xx.

But I have to “suspend” the rumor which told you that they will not have video. I ask you more time to get some more reliable information about that.

UPDATE: Mirrorless cameras will come in May. They will not be launched on NAB!

(SR4) UPDATED -> Two new Sony Alpha camera on early April

UPDATE: Now I have two trusted sources confirming that at least one new Alpha will be introduced. Both do say it will be an APS-C camera. Anyway I downgraded the rumor value from SR5 to SR4 because e are not 100% that Sony will launch two Alphas (instead of one).

So finally we have some more reliable rumors for you! SonyAlphaRumors learned that Sony is going to announce two new entry level cameras at the NAB show in Las Vegas. The show starts on April 10th.

One camera should be the A2xx and the other one a A3xx (Don’t know the exact name yet)

I know it is not exactly what we were all waiting for :(