(SR4) New Sony “foveon similar” sensor tecnology?


Patent application 20090303371 shows a new Sony CMOS sensor based on the Sigmas Foveon tecnology. That means that each pixel can capture RGB colors.

“Accordingly, in order to utilize the incident light amount efficiently as well as to prevent occurrence of false colors, a method of separating colors by forming plural photodiodes in a pixel in the depth direction of a substrate has been developed.”

via: photorumors

(SR3) Sony to launch a new mirror-less camera in March?

FAKE image of a Sony mirrorless cameras
FAKE image of a Sony mirrorless cameras

One of our sources said that Sony has already a working model of the new APS-C mirrorless camera. A possible launche date could be March 2010. It will be a compact model a là .

We havn’t recieved any confirmations from other sources. So it’s just a simple rumors now, but we hope someone will respond to our post and confirm or deny the “rumor”

P.S: Few months ago photorumors found a probably fake spec list: https://sonyalpharumors.com/sr2-sony-mirrorless-camera/

(SR5) Sony confirms the A700 successor will come sooner or later!

“Toru Katsumoto, general director of the division of Sony Alpha SLR cameras, has confirmed in an interview with DC Watch that will substitute for the A700: “… the product might be called the A700’s replacement will appear sooner or later.” but can not confirm when, because “when you think like a project can not promise that will appear next year.”.

It also implies that there have been changes in the initial idea for “the control of development trends while following the road map is always complicated,” which might suggest that they were surprised something (perhaps the video?) On full development and had to change their plans, something that is possible for the delay in the appearance of a substitute.”

source: DCwatch

(FT5) UPDATED (with two more compact cameras) Sony will also announce the new DSC-S2100 compact camera

And with the DSC-S2100 we know have a full list of 7 new compact cameras which are going to be announced in January!

-DSC-W320 (just added)
-DSC-W330 (just added)

Ad we already told you that there will be five new handycams:

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