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Surprise: Samsung may come out with a FF mirrorless before Sony!


back in December I told you that Sony changed the product roadmap to focus their efforts on the development of a new Full Frame NEX-7 alike camera. To be the first to make a “cheaper Leica M” camera would have been a huge advantage for Sony. But it looks like Samsung is going to ruin the party and they may introduce the new NX-R Full Frame mirrorless in March (Source: MirrorlessRumors). After all this may be a good news for us. Sony may have to aggressively price the camera to compete against the Samsung and maybe even add some extra killer feature. Again, that’s just my dream but my imaginary NEX-FF should have the new 3 layer sensor :)


Reminder: This is what we know for now about the NEX-FF:
1) These last two weeks I contacted all my best sources and they now all(!) confirmed that the next Sony Full Frame camera will not be a new SLT camera. It will be a Full Frame mirrorless camera!
2) Plan of a FF SLT release in 2013 have been dropped to fully focus the development resources on that FF mirrorless camera. Sony’s main priority is to create a real High End camera. A camera that can have all the functions and capabilities of a DSLR (that means for example fast AF). Sony sees that camera as the one that should bring back some significant interests on Sony FF system.
3) The camera is still in the final stage of development. We can expect the release of the cameras by end 2013 at earliest but early 2014 sounds more likely for now.
4) The camera has some key tech not seen on any Sony camera yet. I am still working on this rumor to get some detailed info. So stay tuned!
5) The camera is a bit bigger than the current [shoplink 8454]Sony NEX-7[/shoplink] and not that much different in terms of the design.
6) The camera has a native E-mount and both E-mount and A-mount lenses will be fully supported.
7) One of the trusted sources said that Sony is right now testing two different prototypes. One features a 24 megapixel and the other camera features a new 30-32 Megapixel sensor.


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