(SR3) The first Sony NEX mirrorless cameras are very similar to the Panasonic GF1

According to the same sources that posted the NEX5 and NEX3 specs (on a chinese forum) both cameras will be very compact. He says the shape is very similar to the Panasonic GF1 and it doesn’t have built-in electronic viewfinder. A bigger model with better video capabilities and built-in EVF is planned to be announced after the NEX5-NEX3 models.

REMINDER Fot those that still don’t know the specs:
He says the name of the mirrorless cameras will be “NEX5” and “NEX3“. They have a new mount…the “E-mount“. And they will come with two lenses: 18-55/F3.5-5.6 , 16mm/2.8.

Here the specs:

-brand new Sony E mount (adapter for A mount)
-used SDHC or MS
-RAW supported
-3.0 LCD 920K color
-11 AF point
-ISO 200-12800
-Video recording (model NEX5: 1080 NEX3:720p) format Mp4 or AVCHD
-built-in flash and AF Assistance light
-new FW50 batteries

(SR4) More than one Sony mirrorless cameras to be announced soon?

I had the chance today to talk with two of my sources. Both sources do really know what Sony will bring next! We were talking about Sony mirrorless system and that’s what I can tell you:

Source ONE:
The mirrorless product will definitely be Sony’s story for interchangeable lenses this year. Make no mistake. My understanding is that the A230, A330, and A380 will all be going away to be replaced by two cameras. One at the A230 level and one at the A380 level, to give a more distinct step up for the consumer. Having all three was really a bit redundant. For those who were not the biggest fans of the ergonomics of the current lineup, the new cameras will still be nice and small but will get a more standardized grip to work with, likely similar to the Pentax K-x or the Canon Rebel series… but I think Sony is aiming for a bit smaller if they can. No one’s said word one about dates to me but I expect there to be talk about it at PMA, if not something shown for it. Also the rumor about having two mirrorless products has been substantiated by people who truly would know because, frankly, they work that closely with the product. :)”

Source TWO:
I have seen the new Olympus E-PL1 and I can say Sony mirrorless camera will blow that camera away. The Sony camera will have the best from both MFT models EPL1+Panasonic GF1 and with bigger sensor and excellent lenses

Very soon we will know more! Follow SonyAlphaRumors!

It’s Alpha Mount Birthday!

The Alpha 7000 - The first alpha mount camera

In January 1985, Minolte released the (which was called “Alpha 7000” in Japan and “” in US). It was the first SLR camera with built-in housing passive autofocus system on the basis of phase detection. And at the same time it came with the new A-type bayonet lens mount, which is still used in Sony’s alpha cameras is.
And in the same month Minolta also released twelve brand new autofocus lenses!!! Sony…you could learn from it :)
The lens were all optimized to the needs of the autofocus system. Five bayonet electrical contacts for the data transmission were installed. In 1991 three more contacts were added.

Nice history or not? Let’s hope Sony will soon announce new Zeiss Lenses!

(FT4) Sony new camera announcement before PMA (Feb 21)

Finally we were able to get some infos from our trusted sources. There will be definitely new cameras at PMA.

Expect an announcement shortly before the Feb 21. What’s sure is that there will ne new Sony DSC cameras.

One source wrote us “We know that two new point and shoots will be announced, the TX5 and one other that no one seems to know anything about.

The big question is if Sony will announce new Alpha cameras and the new mirrorless camera/s. When I asked my sources about that they only answered me with a Big Smile on their face. They are torturing me and I am torturing you :)

I only received some pieces of infos but I am waiting for a confirmation from other sources…

Let me express my “emotions” -> Running a rumor website like this is hard but also exciting. There is a lot of hidden work behind every rumor…and I feel there is something BIG coming from Sony!