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(SR5) A37 and NEX-F3 with same 16 Megapixel sensor (and improved image quality).

[shoplink 7419][/shoplink]

Image of the current [shoplink 7419]Sony A35[/shoplink]

Maybe it’s just me but I am no big fan of the Megapixel race. So it’s good to hear from another of my trusted sources that Sony will use a 16 Megapixel sensor within the upcoming new A37 and NEX-F3. It is the same sensor of the current [shoplink 7419]A35[/shoplink] and [shoplink 7207]NEX-C3[/shoplink] but I have been told that there is anew BIONZ processor that improves the image quality. Let’s hope it’s true! That said the A37 will have a similar A35 design and same price of the current model. The NEX-F3 will be completely new and “innovative“.

Links to the current A35 and NEX-F3:
NEX-C3 at [shopcountry 7207] A35 at [shopcountry 7419]

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