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Increasing chance that we might get a new Sony A7III on February 26


A7III rendering created by Valley Films

I am still not 100% sure about WHAT will be announced: But the chances are increasing that we will get a new A7III camera on February 26. This because we learned that many people got invited at big events in Las Vegas, London and Asia. I doubt they would do that for a new A6000mkII or A5300.
And you better hope that these A7III specs shared by a new source are correct. Because if he is than I can share the correct A7sIII specs too (Spoiler: The camera is not going to be unveiled at the CP+).

So let’s recap what we know so far:

99% reliable rumors:
– Sony announcement on February 26 (Las Vegas time)
– New “entry-mid” level camera will be announced

60% reliable rumor:
The “entry-mid” level camera is the A7III

35% reliable rumor on the A7III  specs:
24 mpx sensor.
7 fps.
425 contrast points.
167 phase detection.
Z batterie.
touch screen.
4k recording 24 .25 and 30 fps.
1080p 24.25.30 and 60.fps.
1899 us dollars.

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