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Control the NEX with your iPhone!


Dpreview forum user “Bikr” built an Apple iPhone application to control the NEX cameras!

The App sends the [shoplink 3003]Sony NEX-5[/shoplink] an IR signal through a transmitter connected to the iPhone. Two shutter release signals can be sent, immediate release and with a 2 second delay. The Sony NEX-5 remote below has the same capability. The Sony NEX-5 iPhone Remote Shutter App should also be able to control other Sony Alpha cameras with IR receivers. The NexRemote App will be in the iPhone App Store soon.
I have tons of features in the works including programming bulb timers , increasing the 2 second delay with a timer delay before firing the shutters etc.. Lots of stuff in the works!!
Android = I’ll work on it!!
intervalometer = It’ll be in next version I promise!!
Ipod Touch = 99% sure.

Opteka RC-3 Wireless Remote Controllers for Sony at Amazon (Click here)

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