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Sony has 15% of the DSLR market but wants more!


Mr.Imamura from Sony :) (via: hx9v)

In an interview give at Bloomberg Masashi Imamura (president of the Personal Imaging & Sound Business Group at Sony Corp) said that “We’re currently discussing our next target, and that will certainly be higher than 15 percent“. In 2009 Sony had 11% share of the interchangeable lens market. In March 2011 Sony reached the 15% target. But Mr. Imamura is confident that with the introduction of the new model Sony will get closer to Canon and Nikon.

Reminder: According to our sources Sony will announce two NEX cameras (NEX-C3 and NEX-C5) and one Alpha (A77 with 24 Megapixels) within 2011. But there will be also many new lenses ad new camcorders with NEX and Alpha mount.

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