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Emin Kuliyev created this funny solution to avoid 8k overheating with the Sony A1


Emin sent me those images with the following text:

I’m Photographer from New York
I just mount a Portable Handheld 14$ Fan by rubber pieces
and keep the temperature on Sony A1 cold till my camera battery died (I shoot 8K)
it was a little bit warm on the bottom but colder than usual (without the fan and without shooting 8K)

Not a beautiful solution…but it works :)

In a second message he told me this:

I have updated yesterday and increase shooting time from 30 min (4K120) (this is a maximum (as dpreview report) to shoot 77min (i have added a second fan and use a flash bracket to hold it)
I know nobody will shoot continuously 77 min (maybe some interview) 
but this 77 min allows me to shoot almost all day long with small breaks (I’m improve shooting time 2.5 times) for 25$
4K120 mode will burn your fully charged battery for 30 min of shooting that’s why i use a power bank to charge my battery


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