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First image taken with the Sony curved sensor!


What you see here on top is the first ever published image taken with the new Sony curved sensor! I know you really cannot learn anything from it but it’s a “Historical shot” anyway :)

Nikkei posted some more info about the new Sony curved sensor and there are a couple of interesting points:
– “The first idea was to mimic the eyes of the organism” said Yarn Soichiro (Sony Device Manager).
– There is no vignetting and no aberration in corners.
– Sony said the Full Frame curved sensor prototype has not the resolution of current FF Sony sensors.
– Sony confirmed the mass production process is ready.
– As a positive “side effect” of the curved silicon is that also the electrical properties changed allowing less noise!
– A yet untold problem with curved sensors is the following: it’s extremely difficult to design zoom lenses for it!

Like I told you before there is a great chance to see a new RX FF camera using that lens in combination with a Zeiss 35mm f/1.8 lens. Sony patented that kind of design months ago! It’s going to be a hot summer with hot rumors here on SAR. be sure to not miss any of our rumors by subscribing our newsfeeds:

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