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First video showing the new Pentax K to Sony autofocus adapter


John Crow, the creator of this new Pentax K to Sony autofocus adapter sent me this video and the following text:

Hi Andrea, this is an exclusive video for you about Pentax K mount to Sony E mount adapter LA-KE1, witch demonstrates adapted Pentax KAF4 lenses (In-lens focus motor , on body AF switch and electrical aperture) works on Prototype B of MonsterAdapter LA-KE1. Prototype A and B are in different code branches, merging code takes time. So there’s no guarantee that KAF4 lenses will be supported in the initial release of LA-KE1, but definitely will come with follow up updates. The lens I used in video was Pentax DFA* 85 1.4, which release in June, last lens from Pentax

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