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Glimpse into the future: Sony working on organic sensor with “foveon” alike tech


A newly published Sony patent discloses what might become the future of sensors in a couple of years:

1) It describes an organic sensor (it uses organic semiconductor material to capture photons)
2) Every pixel has three layers of organic material. One top it captures the green light information, below it the Blue and at the bottom the Red light.

So basically this is a more advanced version of Sigma’s Foveon tech. Sony writes:

“Since the chrominance signal, R, G, and B, of 3 colors is acquired by each light-receiving part, a high resolution image is generable by high sensitivity. “

In short the advanatages are:

1) Every pixel contains nearly 100% of the color information
2) Compared to traditional Bayer layout sensors you can a) have much larger pixels at same resolution or b) Much higher resolution at same pixel size.

I guess it will take a couple of years before we see this on a real Sony photocamera.

via Hi Lows Note

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