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Latest Sony sensor improvements


Data of the new 1/2.3-inch 12MP, 1.55um Pixel BSI Sensor form Sony

There are some news for our tech-freak readers ;)

Sony developed the next generation of CMOS Sensor that can “convert multiple pixels into signals simultaneously which results in a reduction of the conversion time by up to 75% when compared to existing sensors“. The new sensor has a five time greater processing speed (up to 34.8Gbps) and can shoot video with 17.7MP at 120fps (Source: Crunchgear).

Sony is also working on new tiny sensors fro smartphones and compact camera (1/2.3-inch). They just announced a 12MP, 1.55um Pixel BSI Sensor providing 42fps at full resolution (1080i60). More info at ImageSensorWorld.

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