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Lensrentals big macro test: 90mm FE macro beats all other Nikon-Canon-Zeiss lenses!

[shoplink 48071]90mmFE[/shoplink]

What’s the best Macro lens between the Nikon, Canon Zeiss lenses and the [shoplink 48071]Sony 90mm FE[/shoplink]? Lensrentals compared them all and the conclusion is:

The Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro totally shocked me. It’s clearly better at all frequencies at macro distances. In fact, it’s the highest resolving off all these lenses at macro distances, at least in the image center. I’m not certain if it’s related or just coincidence, but the Sony lens has electronic motors controlling both the focusing and the compensating element. As best I know, all of the other macro lenses tested have mechanical movements of the compensating elements.

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