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New AquaTech underwather housing for A7 cameras. New A7rII and A7sII tests.


AquaTech (info here) released a new underwater housing for both the A7/A7r/A7s and the newer A7II/A7rII/A7sII cameras. The housing will ship on December 1.

And here are some new A7rII and A7sII tests:

A quick overview of the A7II and a Leica 50mm Summilux (Jorge Torralba).
A7rII review By Adrian C. Murray.
Japanese A7rII review at Procameraman.
Sony A7s Mk II review at ThePhoBlographer.
Some helpful tips for new owners of the A7RII who have just switched over from the old style DSLR’s (Jorge Torralba).

Daniel:My a7SII + Loxia 35 arrived. Decided to make a short about my coffee brewing process to test drive along with some new grading software. I’m a former a7S user and really appreciate the enhancements in the mark II as well as the addition of the Loxia. Its a nearly flawless combo.

Joel: “I recently wrote an article about the A7R II/A7 system that I think both you and your readers will enjoy. From my perspective as a working pro, it’s about a rare “Wow!” moment when first looking at images out of the A7RII from an aerial shoot in Kauai. It sealed the deal for me and after almost 30 years of SLR/DSLRs as my main system, now it’s Sony mirrorless. Even if you don’t have time to read the article- take a look at the images! They’re all captioned.

Arty:We have shot a short halloween theme film – in case you may be interested, here is a link Shot on A7RII, Ronin m, Canon glass

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