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(SR4) NEX-7n could be the only NEX or A mount camera ot come this year.


I know it sounds surprising but the change is big that the NEX-7 successor may be the only interchangeable camera to come this year. This means no other NEX or Alpha camera will be announced. As I told you many times before the new Sony CEO is pushing to release camera with game changing tech rather than small updates only. That’s why the A77 successor and two SLT-FF have been taken off the roadmap.

In short, in 2014 we will have new A-mount FF cameras, new NEX-FF cameras using new viewfinder and new sensor tech. I know it’s a long time to go but I hope to get some info about the new roadmap soon. I may can entertain you a bit while you are waiting for the big 2014 news :)

By the way, I don’t know what the new sensor tech could be. But I saw plenty of patents with “Foveon alike” sensors (See Sigma DP series). That would mean, true 100% color info for every single pixel, no AA filter and bigger pixels (or more Megapixels). Yep, that would be a hell of a sensor!

P.S.: The RX series will be extended. Ther eis no delay here!


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Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
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