(SR5) Sony Hong Kong confirms the NEX release date. It is May11


The website “unwire.hk” just received an invitation from Sony which confirms the NEX Worldwide Release for May 11.

The media invitation reads as follows (google translation from chinese):

Worldwide attention debut

Anywhere beyond the imagination of the lightweight body experience quality SLR digital camera

Market, the highly anticipated Sony’s first interchangeable lens digital camera series, will be May 11, 2010 simultaneous global release, and the media are invited to bring a friend the first to feel the new series of excellent photography experience.

New series of lightweight slim design to meet the advanced shooting functions, fully meet the needs of photographers, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the fun of shooting; new series also brought the quality SLR digital cameras let you play to creativity.

In addition, the new camera series of product designers will be a special trip to attend the conference to share its unique design concept.

Friends are invited to experience the Sony media is full of unlimited creative digital imaging world. Welcome to your report / s on site to interview
Date ︰ 2010 5 11
Time ︰ 12:45


(SR5) The final NEX firmware available in July


According to our sources Sony will release an important NEX firmware update in July. The firmware will add some kind of new 3D feature to your NEX camera! I really don’t know yet what that means :(
Anyway I was told that this is a very revolutionary feature. You havn’t seen that on any other camera yet!

If you know something feel free to contact me at sonyalpharumors@gmail.com

In the meanwhile feel free to speculate how exactly that 3d function will work ;)


UPDATED (false alarm): DigitalPhoto has new NEX pictures. (or mockups pictures only?)UPDATE


UPDATE: That’s the rumored leak….as suspected only images of the Sony mockups :)

Thanks GH1user and Fotoingo!

The old rumor:

Photorumors just received this tip from a reader:

More pictures from the Sony NEX are in the new German magazine DigitalPHOTO 606/2010 on pages 43 and 114. On page 114 are 3 different lenses (1 big telezoom?) and 3 bodies (blue, red and silver) to see.

Some german reader can find this pictures for us?

Anyway I believe those are the mockups pictures :(



Review: Sigma 8-16mm f/4.5-5.6 scores impressive results (photozone)


The new Sigma 8-16mm f/4.5-5.6 Lens (which is also available for Sony Alpha mount) has been reviewed on photozone (using the canon version). The verdict: “The Sigma may be the new star in this lens segment“. Compare the Sigma lens with the Sony 11-18mm f/4.5-5.6 DT (on photozone). I would say the Sigma lens is much better and costs less than the Sony 11-18mm lens! Probably this could become your favorite wide angle zoom :)

Order the lens on Amazon US / Adorama / Amazon Deutschland / Amazon UK / Amazon France


(SR4) NEX cameras will come in four colors


I just received a minor but reliable rumor. According to our trusted sources the NEX5 and NEX3 cameras will come in four colors:


Unlike the cameras the lenses are supposed to be sold in the silver-chrome version only. Imagine, blue body and silver lens…doesn’t seem to match!