(SR5) Sony A35 leaked on Sony Netherlands!!!



We told you Sony would announce the A35 and here it is check it out for yourself (before Sony removes it): http://www.sony.nl/hub/dslr! Say bye bye to the old [shoplink 3620]Sony A33[/shoplink] which officially has been discontinued by Sony Japan. The Sony A35 will bring only minor improvements over the A33.

P.S.: The Sony A33 is now discounted on many online stores. If you want to get a cheap and good SLT camera this could be your chance: [shopcountry 3620].


(Under development) IMPORTANT: Some Sony last minute product announcements deleted/postponed?


NOTE: This is not a fools day joke!

A few days after the earthquake in Japan Sony sources told me that Sony is having a lot of troubles with their factories in Japan. They had to stop the production in many plants and they have no clue when production can go back to normality. They had no major damages but there are two main problems:

1) There are many aftershocks and every earthquake that is bigger than 5 point Richter automatically stops the production
2) Energy supply is very limited

We got the info that all japanese companies are not telling us the complete truth. They are officially playing down the issues. In reality we can expect delays for months on almost any product they do produce in Japan.

I was hoping the new NEX and SLT camera announcement would NOT be delayed because we are so close to the very important NAB show in Las Vegas. Many sources now contacted me to say that Sony deleted “som”e of the new product announcements in the very last minute! I have been told that Sony was not able to produce one single sensor during the last three weeks!

I am currently investigating the news with other sources. Will post more about that soon…


UPDATE: I am not sure yet which product has been delayed. I am asking around to see what’s going on…

UPDATE_2: Sounds like only a few products will be delayed. I am not 100% sure yet but the Sony A35 will  not be delayed


(SR 77) Sony A77 with Quadbionz and Fujis “Hybrid OEVFD”


The image on top shows the “Hybrid OEVFD” functionality

What the hell! The new Sony A77 will have a ultraspeedy Quadbionz core that will allow a 23 fps at full 24 Megapixel resolution. It also can take FullHD videos while you are taking photos or chatting via skype on the 4.2 inch OLED touchscreen of the cameras. But the really best new feature is the “Hybrid OEVFD” which stands for Hybrid Optical Elctronic View Finder Dream. It’s a much further development of the [shoplink 6075 ebay]Fuji X100[/shoplink] technology. It allows you to see the real optical image, the electronic image or any youtube video you want!

Damn is that a good DAYYY! :)

– [shoplink 6075 ebay]Fuji X100 on eBay (Click here)[/shoplink]


(SR3) Sony NEX-7 to be announced along the Sony A77


I still don’t have a 100% reliable confirmation from my sources but it sounds like the NEX-7 could be announced within the next few months. A new source told me that it will be announced around the same time of the A77 (July). It will feature the same A77 sensors (very likely 24 Megapixels). The big question is if it has a built-in viewfinder. The trusted sources didn’t tell me anything about that but they said the NEX-7 will not be a [shoplink 3003]NEX-3/5[/shoplink] successor, it will be a complete new NEX model. But there is one thing you have to keep in mind. After the recent Japanese disaster roadmap could change within the next weeks. As soon as I receive some info about that I will post them on SAR.

One more thing: All sources do confirm a new NEX and SLT camera will be announced next week. If the rumors are true we should see new models on Monday or Tuesday. Don’t know the extract time yet (I hope some of you can tell me about it). Stay tuned on SAR!


Reminder (SR = Sonyrumor):
SR1=probably fake rumor
SR2=rumor from unknown sources
SR3=50% chance it is correct
SR4=rumor from known sources
SR5=almost certainly correct!


Zeiss announces the Cp.2 adapter for E-mount


The Zeiss CP.2 adapter for E-mount will be start shipping in June. With that adapter you can use the $4.000 CP.2 lens on your NEX cameras. Those lenses are welcome addition for filmmakers. I would not buy it for still work because that’s not the use (and not the price) they are meant for. There is a list of all lenses at BHphoto.

Press release is avaiable on DPreview (Click here).


(SR5) After the announcements in April more Sony stuff coming in May


It’s going to be hot here on SonyAlphaRumors. We will have many new products announcement right before the NAB show in Las Vegas (April 9). And now we learned that there will be even more Sony digital camera/lens announcements in May. And than we will have the A77+lens announcement in July. If you are planning a vacation and do not want to miss any official Sony announcement June is your only option ;)

A BIG question on my sources. Does the NEX-7 have built-in EVF or not? Let’s hope the answer is yes!

P.S.: I need a favour from one of our US readers. If some of you is planning to buy a product on Amazon today can you please use that link: Amazon.com and send me an email to tell me what you bought? I need to check if my affiliate links are really working because I am continually getting some kind of weird error message. As you know we rely on those links to pay our server and wesite costs and I am want to be sure that everything is working fine. Thanks!



(SR3) Pentax future APS-C mirrorless system with Sony sensor (will they join the NEX system?)


The picture on top shows the Pentax mirrorless system with very small sensor (1:2.33). The second system will have a Sony APS-C sensor.

As you know Pentax is now using Sony sensors only (instead of the Samsung sensors). Alejandro from MirrorlessRumors.com just published a rumor about Pentax launching two different new mirrorless system. And he has been told that Pentax will use the same Sony NEX sensors for their large sensor APS-C system. The other system has a small 1:2.33 sensor made by Kenko.

I didn’t hear anything about a possible Pentax and Sony mirrorlress partnership but I would love if Pentax would join the NEX system and you? That would put a bit of pressure on Sony and we could enjoy Pentax lenses too! Let’s dream…

P.S.: The weird design of the camera is based on the old but popular [shoplink 6193]Auto 110 camera[/shoplink].

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