NEX-7 tested on all Zeiss ZM lenses (ThePictureDesk)

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For weeks Rob Skeoch from ThePictureDesk (Click here) is heavily testing the [shoplink 8454]Sony NEX-7[/shoplink]. I have some doubt that Rob will ever return the camera to Sony :)
He posted a couple of interesting articles about the NEX-7 and Zeiss ZM combination:

1) Sony NEX7 with Zeiss M-mount 18mm ZM (ThePictureDesk). Lens specs and price on [shoplink 9803 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].
2) Sony NEX7 with Zeiss M-mount 21mm ZM (ThePictureDesk). Lens specs and price on [shoplink 9804 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].
3) Sony NEX7 with Zeiss M-mount 25mm ZM (ThePictureDesk). Lens specs and price on [shoplink 9805 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].
4) Sony NEX7 with Zeiss M-mount 28mm ZM (ThePictureDesk). Lens specs and price on [shoplink 9806 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].
5) Sony NEX7 with Zeiss M-mount 35mm ZM (ThePictureDesk). Lens specs and price on [shoplink 9808 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].
6) Sony NEX7 with Zeiss M-mount 50mm ZM Sonnar (ThePictureDesk). Lens specs and price on [shoplink 9809 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].
7) Sony NEX7 with Zeiss M-mount 85mm ZM (ThePictureDesk). Lens specs and price on [shoplink 9810 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].

The Zeiss ZM is an amazing fulflrame film system. Sony should take inspiration from the [shoplink 9812 ebay]ZM camera and ZM lenses[/shoplink] for their new fullframe NEX system!


New Sony A65 and NEX-5n reviews! (and a couple of A77 tests).

[shoplink 8459][/shoplink] Photographyblog (Click here) posted the next Sony review. That time they tested the new Sony A65, the little sister (with the same sensor) of the A77. And the camera gets Highly Recommended! Here is the reason: “Image quality is excellent, with results from the 24.3 APS-C sensor easily rivalling the DSLR competition. The OLED viewfinder is simply the best EVF that we’ve ever had the pleasure of using. The A65 is still a fantastic SLT camera that is a genuine threat to the more conventional prosumer DSLRs on the market.
The A65 is in Stock almost everywhere in the world now: Check at [shopcountry 8452].

And there is also a new NEX-5n review at Pocket-Lint (Click here): “The NEX-5N has two major things going for it: image quality and its HD movie mode. There’s no other compact system camera out there that can better the 5N’s images (except, perhaps, for the as-yet-untested NEX-7), though the distortion at wide-angle settings can make for edge softness issues. As for the second point: the 1080p movie mode is exceptional in quality, control and performance terms. In fact we’d go as far as saying there’s no other CSC out there at this price point that’s as good in this department.“.
I own the NEX-5n and also highly recommend it: [shopcountry 8459].

And here are two more links about the A77. First an A77 versus A700 image comparison at Dpreview forum and than ISO samples at Photographybay.


A77 still climbing the Amazon chart (now inside the top 10).


Since yesterday the A77 is in Stock at Amazon (Click here). And it is climbing the Amazon rankings (Click here to it). It now is on Position 9! Why is that interesting? For years now Canon or Nikon cameras are holding the first position. Only the [shoplink 8454]Sony NEX-7[/shoplink] came close to the first position (on Pos. 3). I am really curious to see how close the A77 will come on top. To bad the NEX-7 will be delayed (until February?). That was that camera that could have reached position one!

More rankings: Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon JP.


Sony NEX-5n review at Photographyblog.

[shoplink 8452][/shoplink] Photographyblog (Click here) posted a new full Sony NEX-5n review: “It may not be the smallest (at least with a lens attached) or sexiest compact system camera on the market, but a winning combination of excellent image quality even in low-light, a refined and customisable interface, and fast and responsive operation does make the Sony NEX-5N one of our current favourites. Highly Recommended!

While I fully agree with Photographyblog when they say that the camera has an excellent image quality I do not agree with the lack of sexiness! I use the NEX-5n with the also highly recommended [shoplink 9725 ebay]Voigtlaender Nokton 35mm f/1.4 lens (Click here to see them on eBay)[/shoplink]. It’s a terrific sexy combination! I am currently to busy to post a review now but as soon as I am back from my NYC work trip I will shows you a first preview of my NEX-5n+Nokton kit. Maybe we should do a sexiness contest to see which lens looks better on the NEX :) Do you have some ideas?

P.S.: You need an [shoplink 7984 ebay]M-mount to NEX adapter (Click here to see the list on eBay)[/shoplink] to use the Voigtlaender Nokton 35mm lens!

The Sony NEX-5n is in Stock at [shopcountry 8452]. And there is also that nice (a bit expensive) NEX-5n viewfinder [shopcountry 9110].

And the new NEX lenses can be (pre-)ordered here:
Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 [shopcountry 8450].
Sony 50mm f/1.8 [shopcountry 8448].
Sony 55-210mm [shopcountry 8444].


New Sony sensor patent describes a “Photochromic Image Sensor”.


The Japanese blog Egami (Click here) found a new Sony patent about a new sensor with high dynamic range. It’s actually a “Photochromic Image Sensor“. The google translation tool as usual makes a terrible job and it’s not easy to understand how the new technology works. For what I understood the new sensor has a much increased dynamic range in both shadow and highlight!

Just a reminder. Sony is patenting many “cool” sensor technologies. Like foveon sensors or these photochromic sensors. Can’t wait to see them in use in a real camera. By the way Sony, why not make a modular camera where we can sue a ll these different sensors?

More info about Photochromism on Wikipedia (Click here).