NEX is the best choice (Dpreview). Plus new NEX-5n reviews.


DPReview (Click here) posted a mirrorless cameras roundup. And for each category you can see that NEX cameras are having the highest scores:
Highest score beginner mirroless camera: Sony NEX C3 (Price check: [shopcountry 7207])
Highest score intermediate camera: SONY NEX 5n (Price check: [shopcountry 8452])
Highest score advanced camera: SONY NEX 7 (Price check: [shopcountry 8454])

DigitalPhotographySchool (Click here) posted the full NEX-5n review: “Image quality is superbly sharp and fully colour saturated. But attaching the lens make the combo a largish proposition.
I was also a little startled to see the PDF manual erroneously claim the CMOS sensor carried 14.2 megapixels, when it actually has a 16.1 million pixel population. Makes a reviewer’s life tough!“.

The Sony NEX-5n and the [shoplink 8725 ebay]Voigtlander Nokton 35 1.4[/shoplink] by Terence Jones at Steve Huff (Click here).

Craig: “I was wondering if you’d be interested in viewing and possibly sharing a gallery of images shot with my Sony NEX 5N with a [shoplink 10786 ebay]Voigtlander Color-Skopar 21mm f/4[/shoplink] Pancake lens to help your readers ‘see’ what this wonderful camera and lens can do in ALL KINDS of situations. I’ve owned the camera and lens now for just under two months.
You can see the gallery on my website here:

Metthew Belcher (Click here) posted a Zeiss 24mm DOF test made with the NEX-5n.

Sony NEX-5n test with M mount lenses at (Click here).

The black Sony NEX-5 with 18-55mm kit lens sells for $499 only at Amazon (Click here). And I noticed that the camera is the most sold camera for a very long time now at Amazon (Click here to see the ranking).


NEX-7 news roundup + new madness auctions + watch out BHphoto!

[shoplink 10758 ebay][/shoplink]

Luminous Landscape (Click here) made a new real world comparison between the Leica M9 and Sony NEX-7: “The cameras are very close, but there is a slight advantage to the Sony, almost certainly due to it having a higher resolution sensor.”

Peter Sills (Click here) wrote the “10 Firmware Update Suggestions for the NEX-7“.

Photographytalk (Click here) listed the “10 Surprises of the Sony NEX-7 Camera That Will Cause Serious Photographers To Look Twice“.

DCresource (Click here) posted a RAW versus JPEG comparison. RAW image do look quite good!

Menawhile the ebay madness continues. There are two new NEX-7 auctions on eBay US ([shoplink 10771 ebay]Click here[/shoplink] and [shoplink 10775 ebay]Click here[/shoplink]). Yesterday the NEX-7 has been sold for $3.761,00 ([shoplink 10758 ebay]Click here to see[/shoplink])!!! And used NEX-7 cameras are worth $3.200 on Amazon too (Click here).

But those of you looking for the chance to get the NEX-7 body for the normal price should look at Bhphoto (Click here). A “bird” told em they will have a new limited Stock within the next few days!


POLL: Select Sony’s camera of the year!


2011 is almost over and now it’s your turn to chose THE Sony camera of the year! What is the coolest, most featured most likeable of all new photographic tools? Is it the top fast and ultra high resolution A77? Is it the “rangefinderstyled” NEX-7? Is it the cheap but super image quality NEX-5n? is it the tiniest of all NEX cameras, the NEX-C3?

The battle starts, let’s see who wins!

Will you buy the Sigma 105mm f/1.4 FE lens?

View Results

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P.S.: I had a damn hard time to pick up my favorite!


New NEX-7 shipment news. Ebay madness: NEX-7 auctions over $3000!


Sonystore just issued a new press release: “Hello XXXXX. We wanted to provide you with a quick update on the status of your order for the new Sony NEX-7 camera. Sony has begun shipping the first orders for the NEX-7 bodies.  As we continue to ramp up production, we expect to begin shipping NEX-7 Lens and Body Kits  towards the end of February 2012. We appreciate your continued patience during this challenging time. This will be our final communication regarding the NEX-7 delays unless new information becomes available.
Sony Customer Care

In summary, body only will ship in January and the kit version in February. Meanwhile ebay auctions are going crazy. The few NEX-7 I found on ebay sold for more than $3.000!!!

here are a couple of current auctions:
[shoplink 10758 ebay]NEX-7 in Westminster (Click here)[/shoplink]. Look at the bids!!! :(
[shoplink 10757 ebay]NEX-7 in Florida (Click here)[/shoplink].



The full Sony interview translation…


Our reader BEN T. sent us the full translation of the Sony interview at Impressjapan (

Key info:

> Small E-mount lenses for NEX cameras
E-mount lenses have been large considering the size of the NEX bodies, but it looks like high-performance compact lenses are on the way. Sony is emphatic that they won’t compromise in terms of either image quality or lens aberrations. With remarks along the lines of “Buy a NEX and stay tuned,” we might see an announcement at the early on next year.

> A 100 megapixel sensor is not outside the realm of possibility
While this remark was made in response to a question about increasing megapixel counts, even the a77 takes advantage of its 24 megapixels in the form of a smart teleconverter to a achieve a zoom function.  The odds are good that camera development will move forward on the premise of increased megapixel counts in the future.

> Every company is looking to commercialize electronic shutters
This was a remark made in response to a question about the shift from mechanical to electronic cameras, but seems to allude to the direction the industry will take in terms of camera production. With the a77 fitted with an OLED EVF instead of an OVF, we will be watching Sony’s transition to more electronics with keep interest in the future.


There is a certain inevitability in the style of SLR cameras
—With things like the Tohoku Earthquake and flooding in Thailand, I think it was a year full of hardships. And I assume it was also a tough year for you in the sense that you released many new products.
Nagata: I think we managed to launch a number of models that only happens once every few years.

—Translucent mirrors have been filling out Sony’s lineup of interchangeable lens cameras. As for the flagship model, the successor to the a900, are you going to make it an orthodox SLR camera and stick to the optical viewfinder?
Nagata: At this stage I can’t comment on that, but we do feel that the OLED viewfinders in the a77 and NEX-7 have been well received beyond expectations.

—Can EVFs be improved even more?
Nagata: I think everything made up of electronic devices will continue to evolve in an amazing way.

—That said, the viewfinder in the a900 is far and away the more amazing among interchangeable lens cameras. Is the a900 the last we’ll see of an OVF?
Nagata: Well (wry smile), what’s certain is that it’s difficult to continue producing that product at that price.

—A change of topic, then. Are you going to continue to preserve the orthodox style of the SLR camera? What I mean is, using translucent mirror technology, it should be impossible to come up with a more revolutionary style of camera.
Nagata: If we put our minds to it we can produce such a camera, yes.

—Does that mean that more people are responsive to an SLR-like style?
Nagata: Rather than that, I think there is a certain inevitability in the form of an SLR camera. It’s preferable for the viewfinder to be above the optical axis of the lens, and it’s better for the flash to be above the optical axis as well as having some degree of height to avoid the lens. Then you need a grip component so you can grasp the camera firmly. When give shape to these inevitabilities, that’s the form you end up with.

—So you’re saying that SLR cameras are always going to keep this kind of style, this kind of form.
Nagata: Right. Of course since we’ve moved to translucent mirrors we have a greater degree of freedom in the pentaprism area. I think batteries will also continue to evolve and probably undergo a slight change in shape as well.

—Speaking of NEX cameras, the lenses are large considering the size of the bodies. Are you considering smaller lenses?
Nagata: Yes, of course.

—What kind of lenses would those be?
Nagata: To start with, we don’t want to compromise in terms of image quality or distortion. We can make them smaller and we have many other ideas, including whether to make longer focal lengths as well.

—Still, we have not seen many small, light lenses be released. But you’re saying that you’ve come up with a way to maintain performance and produce a smaller, lighter lens that keeps its high performance?
Nagata: That’s right. It might be a good idea to get your hands on a body and stay tuned (laughs).


Sony A77 and Zeiss 24mm to be back in Stock on December 27.


It looks liek the first stocks of A77 cameras produced in new (or adapted) Sony fatcories are reaching the worldwide stores. Sonystore USA (Click here) reports that the A77 body will ship by late December. And the Sony A77 is in Stock at Amazon Germany (Click here), Amazon Japan (Click here) and within 2-4 weeks shipment at Sonystore UK (Click here) and Digitalrev (two weeks).

Also the Zeiss 24mm will ship on December 27 at Sonystore USA (Click here). It is in Stock at Amazon France (Click here), Amazon UK (Click here), Sonystore UK (Click here), Amazon DE (Click here),


Hot: Sony talks a bit about their plans in 2012!


I really don’t speak japanese so I have to rely on google translation tool to read the following document: That magazine contains an interview with Sony. And here is what we can expect in 2012:

1) Smaller NEX lenses: Sony confirms what we have reported here on SonyAlphaRumors some time ago. There is a new NEX lens roadmap and it includes smaller lenses (yeah, pancakes!).

2) 100 Megapixel sensor: Sony can do a 100 Megapixel sensor. Now I guess this doesn’t necessary mean there will be a camera with such a sensor. It will be more a “look at my muscles Canon” statement :)

3) electronic shutter: This is a big news and very important technology. I bet this is coming for real at Photokina 2012!

Sony also confirms that the next FF cameras will be SLT (electronic viewfinder). Japanese readers may help me to get a full translation of the text? Thanks!